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Direcror's Address


 Tao Xu, Director General

The Institute of Biophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), founded in 1958, has a record of excellence in research spanning over half a century. Since its establishment, under the leadership of veteran scientists such as Shizhang Bei, Chenglu Zou, Dongcai Liang and Fuyu Yang, and with the diligence of several generations of hard-working faculty members, the Institute has initiated and promoted research and development in many fields including cell biology, radiobiology, astrobiology, enzymology, structural biology, membrane biology, neurobiology, biological cybernetics and biophysical engineering technology. As a result the Institute has gained recognition for its many significant researchachievements and for nurturing many excellent scientists. The Institute has developed a number of high-tech products and founded several high-tech companies, thus generating significant social and economic benefits. Thus, the Institute of Biophysics has made important contributions both to the development of the life sciences and to the national economy.


 Hongyan Wang,

 Deputy Director General

In the 21st century, mankind is facing serious challenges arising from population pressure, natural resource limitations, environmental problems and global security issues. As a leading discipline within the basic sciences, and the source of many high-tech industries, the life sciences has already become an important key in solving national socioeconomic sustainable development problems such as population and health, natural resources and the environment, and bio-security. The life sciences also provide an important impetus for improving the quality of life, promoting reconstruction of traditional industries, and developing new industries. The Institute of Biophysics, as an important national research center for protein science and brain and cognitive sciences, contributes to scientific innovation and serves the economic development of society in line with national demands and international trends in the life sciences. By optimizing the division of scientific disciplines, reforming the research system, strengthening innovation support structures, and leading the way in the development of our fields, our aim is to make the Institute of Biophysics a modern, first rate international research institute.

We sincerely invite outstanding scientists worldwide to join our team or establish collaborations. We welcome excellent students who have a strong interest in the life sciences to pursue their career with us. Let us move forward to explore new territories and unlock the mysteries of the life sciences together!


Tao Xu, Director General



Hongyan Wang, Deputy Director General




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