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  Mei Li, Ph.D, Prof.

  Principal Investigator

  National Laboratory of Biomarcomolecules, Institute of Biophysics

  Structural and functional analysis on photosynthesis related membrane proteins and protein complexes

  Email: meili(AT)ibp.ac.cn

        Tel: 010-64888511          

       Zip code: 100101

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Biography & Introductions

Education & Research Experience

1991.09 - 1995.07 B.S., Department of Biology, Nankai University, China

1999.09 - 2002.07 M.S., Institute of Biophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China.

2004.09 - 2007.07 Ph.D., Institute of Biophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China.

1995.07 - 1999.06  Research fellow,Institute of Biophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

1999.07 - 2004.06 Assistant Professor,Institute of Biophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

2007.08 - 2016.12 Associate Professor,Institute of Biophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

2016.12 - present Professor,Institute of Biophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Research Interests

Photosynthesis is one of the most important chemical reactions in the world. Oxygenic photosynthetic organisms use solar energy to produce carbohydrates, and release oxygen, providing the food and energy for almost all living lives on the earth. Photosynthesis occurs in two stages: light reactions and dark reactions. The light reactions take place in the thylakoid membranes, and accomplished by at least five supra-molecular complexes. During light reactions, ATP and NADPH are generated and used in the dark reactions to produce carbohydrates. Analysis on the mechanisms of photosynthesis and its regulation is expected to provide resolutions for thecrisis in food, energy and environment.
The research interests are as following: (1) Structural and functional analysis of photosynthesis membrane proteins related to the light reactions; (2) Studies on the regulative mechanisms of light harvesting and electron transport in photosynthetic organisms; (3) Structural and functional analysis of important enzymes and complexes involved in the dark reactions ofphotosynthesis.

Selected Publications

1. Pan X1, Ma J1, Su X1, Cao P, Chang W, Liu Z, Zhang X*, Li M*. Structure of the maize photosystem I supercomplex with light-harvesting complexes I and II. Science. 2018, 360(6393):1109-1113.

2. Cao P, Su X, Pan X, Liu Z, Chang W, Li M*. Structure, assembly and energy transfer of plant photosystem II supercomplex. Biochim Biophys Acta Bioenerg. 2018, 1859(9):633-644.

3. Su X1, Ma J1, Wei X1, Cao P1, Zhu D, Chang W, Liu Z*, Zhang X*, Li M*. Structure and assembly mechanism of plant C(2)S(2)M(2)-type PSII-LHCII supercomplex. Science. 2017, 357(6353):815-820.

4. Wei X1, Su X1, Cao P, Liu X,Chang W, Li M*, Zhang X*, Liu Z*. Structure of spinach photosystem II-LHCII supercomplex at 3.2?? resolution.Nature. 2016, 534(7605):69-74.

5. Fan M1, Xiao Y1, Li M*, Chang W*. Crystal Structures of Arabidopsis thaliana Oxalyl-CoA Synthetase Essential for Oxalate Degradation. Molecular Plant. 2016 9(9):1349-52

6. Fan M, Li M*, Liu Z, Cao P, Pan X, Zhang H, Zhao X, Zhang J, Chang W*. Crystal structures of the PsbS protein essential for photoprotection in plants.Nature Structural & Molecular Biology, 2015, 22(9):729-735.

7. Cao P1, Xie Y1, Li M*, Pan X, Zhang H, Zhao X, Su X, Cheng T,Chang W*.Crystal Structure Analysis of Extrinsic PsbP Protein of Photosystem II Reveals a Manganese-Induced Conformational Change.Molecular Plant, 2015,8, 664–666.

8. Jia C, Li M*, Li J, Zhang J, Zhang H, Cao P, Pan X, Lu X*, Chang W*. Structural insights into the catalytic mechanism of aldehyde-deformylatingOxygenases. Protein Cell, 2015, 6(1):55–67.

9. Zhang H, Li M*, Gao Y, Jia C, Pan X, Cao P, Zhao X, Zhang J, Chang W*. Structural implications of Dpy30 oligomerization for MLL/SET1 COMPASS H3K4 trimethylation. Protein Cell. 2015 Feb;6(2):147-51.

10. Wan T, Li M*, Zhao X, Zhang J, Liu Z, Chang W*. Crystal structure of a multilayer packed major light-harvesting complex: implications for grana stacking in higher plants.Molecular Plant. 2014 May;7(5):916-9.


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