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Ming Sun, Ph.D, Prof.

Deputy Director

Institute of Biophysics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences

E-mail:sunm@ibp.ac.cn ,Tel:010-64888586  

Fax:010-64872026 ,Zip code:100101

Chinese personal homepage  

Biography & Introduction

1984-1987   MS in Physical Chemistry, Tianjin Normal University

2001-2004   PhD in Chemical Biology, Tsinghua University

1987-2003   Lecture/Associate Professor/Professor, Tianjin Normal University

1994-1995   Visiting Scientist in Birmingham University(UK)

2000.01-06  Senior Visiting Scientist in Washington University(USA)

2003-2007   Director of Scientific & Technology Department, IBP

2007-2013   Director Assistant of IBP and Director of S&T Department

2013-present   Deputy Director of IBP

Selected Publications

[1] Ming Sun, Ruiming, Xu. Protein science research in China, Protein & Cell, 2010, 1: 4-5  

[2] Han Hua, Sun Ming, Wang Tianyu, Gong Jixun. Protein Sciences, Bulletin of Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2005, 2:107-111

[3] Ming Sun, Xiaohong Liu, Sanhao Ji and Yufen Zhao. Modeling Kinase-Substrate Specificity: Implication of the Distance between Substrate Nucleophilic Oxygen and Attacked Phosphorus of ATP Analog on Binding Affinity, J. Mol. Graph. & Model. 2005, 23:433–438

[4] Ming Sun, Yuan Ma, and Yufen Zhao, Molecular Modeling on DNA Cleavage Activity of Seryl-Histidine and Related Dipeptide, Bioorg. & Med. Chem. Lett. 14(14):3711-3714.

[5] Sun M, Chen J, Liu X H, Zhao YF Molecular Modeling of Interaction between Ser-His dipeptide and Buffer, J. Molecular Structure (THEOCHEM), 2004, 668: 47-49

[6] Sun M, Zhu C J, Tan B, Jin Y, Zhao Y F,Molecular modeling of diastereoisomeric aggregates of L/D ser/histamine amide with 5 '-TpTpdC-3,J.Molecular Modelling, 2003, 9: 84-87

[7] Sun M, Liu X H, Yan L S, Luo G, Zhao Y F, Molecular recognition between (±) Galanthamine diastereoisomers and a-cyclodextrin. J. Molecular Modelling, 2003, 9:419-422

[8] Che Y, Sun M, Marshall G R, Conformational analysis of an anti-HIV peptide T22 and its complex with Zn(II) .Biophysical J. 2002, 82: 2305.

[9] Sun M, Che Y, Miao F M, Marshall G R, Conformational analysis on anti-HIV-1 peptide T22 ([Tyr(5,12),Lys(7)]–polyphemusin II), Chinese Science Bulletin.2001, 46:1685-1688



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