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Xiaoqun Wang, Ph.D, Prof.

Principal Investigator

Vice Director of State Key Laboratory of Brain & Cognitive Sciences, IBP

Function and regulation of neural stem cells in the mammalian brains

E-mail: xiaoqunwang@ibp.ac.cn, Tel:010-64887994

Fax:010-64871293, Zip code: 100101

Chinese personal homepage  

Biography & Introduction

2012-present Professor, Institute of Biophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

2009—2012 Associate Specialist, and Assistant Professor (Research), UCSF, University of California, at San Francisco

My lab is interested in the function and regulation of neural stem cells in the mammalian brains. More specifically we are working on 1) Neural stem cell subtypes; 2) Niches and neural differentiation of neural stem cell; 3) Modeling human brain developmental diseases with pluripotent stem cells and in animal models; 4)Cellular mechanism regulating neuronal stem cell fate and circuits formation during the development of cerebral cortex; 5)Molecular regulations of nervous system diseases, including lisencephaly, microcephaly, autism, depression and neurodegenerative diseases.

Selected Publications

1. Ding W. Y., Wu Q., Sun L, Pan N., and Wang X#..Cenpj regulates cilia disassembly and neurogenesis in the developing mouse cortex. J of Neuroscience. 2019 Jan 9. (#Corresponding author)

2. Pan N, Fang A, Shen C, Sun L, Wu Q and Wang X#. Early Excitatory Activity-dependent Maturation of Somatostatin Interneurons in Cortical Layer 2/3 of Mice. Cerebral Cortex. 2018 Dec. 7 (#Corresponding author)

3. Sun L#, Chen R, Bai Y, Li J, Wu Q#, Shen Q#, Wang X#.  Morphological and Physiological Characteristics of Ebf2-EGFP-Expressing Cajal-Retzius Cells in Developing Mouse Neocortex. Cerebral Cortex. 2018 Oct 11. (#Corresponding author)

4. Zhong S, Zhang S, Fan X, Wu Q, Yan L, Dong J, Zhang H, Li L, Sun L, Pan N, Xu X, Tang F#, Zhang J#, Qiao J#, Wang X#. A single-cell RNA-seq survey of the developmental landscape of the human prefrontal cortex. Nature. 2018 Mar 22(#Corresponding author)

5. Fan X, Dong J, Zhong S, Wei Y, Wu Q, Yan L, Yong J, Sun L, Wang X, Zhao Y, Wang W, Yan J, Wang X#, Qiao J#, Tang F#. Spatial transcriptomic survey of human embryonic cerebral cortex by single-cell RNA-seq analysis. Cell Res. 2018 Jul.(#Corresponding author)

6. Liu J, Liu W, Yang L, Wu Q, Zhang H, Fang A, Li L, Xu X, Sun L, Zhang J#, Tang F#, Wang X#. The Primate-Specific Gene TMEM14B Marks Outer Radial Glia Cells and Promotes Cortical Expansion and Folding, Cell Stem Cell. 2017 Nov 2.(#Corresponding author) 

7. Wang YX, Wu Q, Peng Y, Wang CF, Liu J, Ding WY, Liu WS, Bai Y. Yang Y, Wang H, Gao SR# and Wang X#. Rcor2, the LSD1 Corepressor, Orchestrates Neurogenesis in the Developing Mouse Brain. Nature Comm. 2016 Jan 22.(#Corresponding author)

8.  Kou Z, Wu Q, Kou X, Yin C, Wang H, Zuo Z, Zhuo Y, Chen A, Gao S#, Wang X#. CRISPR/Cas9-mediated genome engineering of the ferret. Cell Res. 2015 Dec;25(12):1372-5(#Corresponding author)

9. Wang X#, Tsai JW, Lamonica B & Kriegstein AR#. A new subtype of cortical progenitor cell in the mouse embryonic neocortex. Nat Neurosci. 2011, 14, 555–561. (Cover; featured in News and Views,#Co-corresponding author).

10. Wang X, Tsai JW, Imai JH, Lian WN, ValleeR, Shi SH. Asymmetric segregation of mother and daughter centrosome in mammal neocortex. Nature. 2009 Oct 15; 461: 947-55. (Cover; Featured in News and Views).



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