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Several Postdoctoral and Technician positions are available at Prof. Yue’s laboratory, Monday, Novmember,10, 2008

Author: 向桂林 Update time: 2008-11-11

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From  Human Resources Office of IBP

Monday, Novmember 10,  2008

Several Postdoctoral and Technician positions are available at Prof. Yue?s laboratory at the Institute of Biophysics, CAS,  Monday, Novmember 10, 2008


Several Postdoctoral  and Technician positions are available at Prof. Yue's laboratory.  There are research projects:

1) to study the F0F1-ATPase motor structure?function and application  principle;
2) to explore the Crystallization of FoF1-ATPase; 3) Design and operating FoF1-ATPase as molecular machines and its application in the medicine.

Postdoctoral :
The successful candidates should have a Ph.D or Ph.D/M.D in molecular biology,  virology or related fields with hands-on techniques and excellent publications, a good command of spoken and written English.
1) Be interested in doing research, hard working and serious;
2) Have a baccalaureate or master degree;
3) With a solid training in molecular biology, or virology;
4) With high responsibility and team spirit
5) Good at reading English papers.
Applicants should send a cover letter of interest, a detailed CV, two reference letters and representative papers to Prof. Yue : yuejc(at)

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