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Associate professor position is available at Dr. Ji’s laboratory at the Institute of Biophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences (Beijing).

Author: Update time: 2010-01-22

We are looking a for highly motivated person to fill the associate professor position at Dr. Ji’s laboratory at the Institute of Biophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences (Beijing). The main research of this lab is the molecular processes underlying excitation-contraction coupling, particularly in cardiac and smooth muscle cells. Current studies seek to understand the role of specific sarcoplasmic reticular calcium release channels and sarcolemmal ion channels in cellular excitation and relaxation. Techniques used to study these processes include gene targeting, identification of novel genes through genomics screens, patch clamp measurements of ion channel function, confocal and wide-field imaging, and protein biochemistry. The major goal of the study  is to identify genes encoding channel proteins and relating signaling molecules involved in muscle biology and to determine the extent to which these genes are altered in specific disease processes.

Salary and benefit are competitive (and negotiable).

Requirements :Candidate should have a M.D/Ph.D. degree in biology or related medical research field. Strong background in molecular biology, cell biology or electrophysiology is required. Good communication skills, publication track record and a good command of spoken and written English are preferred.
Applicants should send a cover letter of interest, a detailed CV, contact information for references and representative papers to Ms.Yanyun Wu ( or to Dr. Ji ( Tel: 86-10-64889873, 64846720

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