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Research Assistant position available in the laboratory of Dr. Mingzhao Zhu at the Institute of Biophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Author: Update time: 2010-04-21

Our laboratory is interested in the structure, development and function of lymphoid organs and their role in immune related diseases, such as infection, cancer and autoimmune diseases. Our long-term goal is to apply the knowledge to the development of novel immunotherapy against infection, cancer and autoimmune diseases. 

We are seeking for highly motivated persons to join our lab as Research Assistant.

Requirement and responsibility:

(1)   B.S. degree or equivalent is required; Lab experience preferred;

(2)   Responsible for lab management and basic experiments;

(3)   With high responsibility and team-work spirit;

(4)   Good English reading and writing skills.

To apply:

Interested applicants should email (1) curriculum vitae, (2) names with contact information of two references, (3) representative publications, (4) short description of the past work, and (5) any other related documents that might help to manifest his/her capability to

The position is open until filled.

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