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CAS concludes final acceptance meeting of the Strategic Priority Research Program (Category B)

Updated: 2019-12-31

The final acceptance meeting of the Strategic Priority Research Program (Category B) "Structure, Function and Regulation of Biological Supra-macromolecular Complexes" was held in Beijing on Dec 26.

Director Xie Pengyun of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) planning bureau introduced the overall situation of the program's acceptance, while the leading scientist Academician Rao Zihe delivered a report on the implementation and management of the research program. The acceptance experts reviewed the reports on the acceptance of sub-divisional work and conclusions and the achievement display materials, and issued their opinion on the final acceptance.

With the focus on "the relationship between the assembly and regulation of biological supra-macromolecular complexes and life process of cells", a number of major results have been achieved, which have promoted the establishment and implementation of key research and development projects on protein regulatory machinery and life process regulation. The State and the Chinese Academy of Sciences will further support research focusing on the structural analysis of supra-macromolecular complexes, assembly of complexes, functional verification, and dynamic regulation, and promote scientific and technological cooperation and collaborative innovation.

More than 80 people including acceptance experts and bureau leaders of CAS attended the meeting.

Scene of the meeting

Experts visit the achievement display

Group photo of the people at the meeting


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