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IBP organizes study on clean governance

Updated: 2020-08-06

A meeting is held by the IBP on July 29 to further strengthen education on clean governance.


The Institute of Biophysics (IBP) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) organized a learning activity on July 29 to further strengthen education on clean governance and to discuss the measures needed to implement the important instructions given by President Xi Jinping for becoming a model national institute.


Yao Yuan, deputy director of the IBP’s finance office, made a speech at the event.


Yao detailed this year's financial management of the IBP including its administrative funding, budget control and asset purchases. She also urged the institute's employees to pay more attention to risk prevention in the management of scientific research funds and strictly pay taxes in accordance with law.


Yao underlined that due to reductions in taxes and fees and the deadly novel coronavirus epidemic, this year's national finance base is overwhelmed, and the budget of the institute will be greatly reduced. However, 2020 is the last year in which the IBP must work to develop the scientific and technological foundation of its emergence as a national base for innovative talents, a national think tank for high-level science and technology and a world-class scientific research institution, a process that has been a huge challenge.


She called on everyone to live on a tight budget, cut outlays on non-essential and non-obligatory expenditures, follow working rules and raise their awareness of self-regulation.

All the young cadres participated in the activity and exchanged their opinions on creating a model center and on being self-disciplined.

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