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Wei Taotao's course listed among national first-class ones for undergraduates

Updated: 2020-11-09

The Ministry of Education recently released a list of state-level first-class undergraduate courses. A compulsory course entitled "Cell Biology" for biological science undergraduates, taught by Wei Taotao, a researcher of the Institute of Biophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, who is also a lecturer of University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (UCAS), made into the list.


In his class, Wei adopts an interactive teaching method that combines classroom teaching, after-class mentoring, group discussions and keynote speeches. This approach inspires students' independent and in-depth thinking and increases their participation, in a bid to help them digest the lessons.


He also organizes students to read latest research papers on subjects like gene editing technology, tissue engineering technology, tumor immunotherapy and synthetic biology, and then to share their ideas through group discussions.


In line with the trend of cell biology development, Wei adds cellular biology frontier technology, cell fate decisions, autophagy, tumor cell biology and other subject focuses to the original teaching content, striving to allow students both to systematically master the basic knowledge of cell biology and to lay a solid foundation for further study at the frontiers of the life sciences.


The grade evaluation of students who take the course involves a written examination, group presentation, in-class assignment and literature review, to investigate their comprehensive ability and disciplinary development potential.


The course also features interdisciplinary integration. In view of the field's latest emerging scientific research progress, Wei guides the students to explore new ways of thinking and consolidate their understanding of basic knowledge and frontier progress via seminars and group discussions.


The "Cell Biology" course taught by Wei is highly commended by students. In addition to the biological science students, other attendees from chemistry, materials science and engineering also take an active part in the courses.


In 2019, it was rated as a quality course at UCAS. And its inclusion on the list of national first-class courses is another high seal of approval for its outstanding results.


Since 2014, when the IBP initiated the construction of the College of Life Sciences at UCAS, more and more researchers at the IBP have devoted themselves to teaching and made attempts to integrate science and education, spurring the development of top-ranking undergraduate and graduate education with excellence in scientific research, as part of efforts to foster talents in the field of life sciences.


Wei Taotao, a researcher at the Institute of Biophysics, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and a lecturer of the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, gives a lesson.


Wei Taotao works in a lab.


The classroom of the "Cell Biology" course, taught by Wei, is full.


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