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CAS Key Infection & Immunity Lab holds annual academic conference for 2020

Updated: 2020-11-26

The Key Laboratory of Infection and Immunity of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) held an academic annual conference from Nov 20 to 22 at the Institute of Biophysics, CAS. The purpose of the conference was to review recent achievements in scientific research and conclude the work of the year 2020. Attendees included 13 of the laboratory's principle investigators, more than 60 front-line researchers and more than 100 graduate students.


Laboratory Director Gao Guangxia looked back on the lab's journey and encouraged researchers to provide methods for problem solving according to major national needs.


Noting that students had spent the longest vacation ever at home due to the COVID-19 epidemic outbreak, he acknowledged that they have devoted themselves to project work in a more proactive manner since returning.


This year's conference also included outstanding students' academic reports, graduate students' poster assessments, platform working reports and academic committee meetings.


Students from ten of the laboratory's research teams made great presentations on the progress of their team's research topics. Winners of the Poster of the Year were also announced during the conference. A staffer from the IBP's research platform gave a detailed report on instrument use and maintenance in the past year as well as long-range planning for the platform.


At the meeting of the academic board on Nov 22, committee members had a detailed discussion on laboratory team-building, condensed research direction and talent introduction, and tabled many constructive suggestions.


Through this conference, well-defined goals have been set and the laboratory staff will continue to strive for more achievements in the next year.


The opening ceremony of a poster competition targeting the IBP's graduates is held on Nov 20.


The poster competition is under way.


A graduate asks a question at the conference.


A principle investigator asks a question at the conference.


Attendees of the laboratory's academic annual conference for 2020 pose for a group photo on Nov 21.


Members of the laboratory's academic board pose for a group photo on Nov 22.


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