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Prof. Pietro De Camilli, member of Yale University School of Medicine, visited IBP and Gave BEI s... 2018/06/14
Prof. XIE Xiaoliang, member of the US National Academy of Sciences, visited IBP and Gave BEI shiz... 2018/06/01
Prof. Michael Goldberg Visited IBP and Gave BEI Shizhang Lecture 2018/05/11
Professor Norbert Perrimon of the Harvard Medical School visited the Institute of Biophysics and ... 2018/05/04
Prof. Ming Zhou from Baylor College of Medicine Visited IBP and Presented the Shizhang Bei Lecture 2018/04/12
Prof. Christian Ungermann from the University of Osnabrück Visited IBP and Delivered the Shizhan... 2018/03/28
Professor Peter G. Schultz from The Scripps Research Institute Visited IBP and Delivered a BeiShi... 2017/12/11
Professor Bruce Stillman from CSHL Visited IBP and Delivered a Bei Shizhang Lecture 2017/12/11
Professor Peter N. Devreotes from John Hopkins University Visited IBP and Delivered a BEI Shizhan... 2017/11/21
Professor Mark M. Davis from Stanford University Visited IBP and Delivered a BEI Shizhang Lecture 2017/11/15
Professor Hitoshi Kurumizaka from Waseda University of Japan Visited IBP and Delivered a BEI Shiz... 2017/11/10
Councillor of the National Academy of Engineering Professor Frances S. Ligler made a BEI Shizhang... 2017/10/30
4th Sino-German Symposium on Protein Folding, Redox Regulation and Quality Control 2017/10/24
Research Explains Molecular Mechanism of Cortical Expansion and Folding 2017/10/14
Dr. Samuel J. Pleasure from UCSF Visited IBP and Delivered a BEI Shizhang Lecture 2017/10/14
Professor Tony Cass from Imperial College London Made a BEI Shizhang Lecture 2017/09/27
The ER-localized transmembrane protein EPG-3/VMP1 regulates SERCA activity to control ER-isolatio... 2017/09/26
Prof. Xuejun Jiang from Cornell University Weill Medical College and Gerstner Sloan-Kettering Gr... 2017/09/08
CD146 Coordinates Blood–brain Barrier Development 2017/08/25
ILCregs Play an Important Role in Regulation of Intestinal Inflammation 2017/08/24
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