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Institute of Biophysics Celebrates its Fiftieth Anniversary, 

Author: pagemaker Update time: 2008-09-26

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From General Administration Office and International Liaison Office of IBP

Friday, September 26, 2008

Institute of Biophysics Celebrates its Fiftieth Anniversary


On the morning of September 26, 2008, leaders, scientists, researchers and distinguished guests gathered at IBP to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the opening of the Institute of Biophysics. Among the guests were Jiayang Li (Deputy Director of the Chinese Academy of Sciences), Guanhua Xu (former

Minister of the Ministry of Science and Technology), Yuquan Zhu (the Party Secretary of Huazhong University of Science and Technology), Le Kang (Director of the National Institute of Biological Sciences), Xiji Wang, (Two bombs and one satellite founding father ), General Liping Shen (former Director of the Space Medical Engineering Institute, Vice-Chief designer of the Manned Space Program, and Commander-in-chief of China?s Manned Space Program Astronaut System), Tiande Yang (former Chief designer of the astronaut system for China?s Manned Space Program), and Hongjian Sui (Deputy Director of the Beijing Branch of the Chinese Academy of Sciences). 


The Chairman of the Institute Board, Xingke Yang, presided over the occasion.

The Director of IBP, Tao Xu , gave addresses.  
Deputy Director of the Chinese Academy of Sciences,Jiayang Li ,gave addresses.  
Guanhua Xu (former Minister of the Ministry of Science and Technology),Guanhua Xu ,  gave addresses.


The Chairman of the Institute Board, Xingke Yang, presided over the occasion. Several of the distinguished guests including Jiayang Li, Guanhua Xu, Yujiang Hong, Le Kang, Liping Shen, Yuquan Zhu and Professor Yigong Shi (the Vice-President of the Tsinghua University Institute of Life Sciences and Medicine) gave addresses. Outstanding Contribution Awards were presented to those who have made a great contribution to IBP?s development. Individual awards were presented to Dacheng Wang, Peidong Jiang, Xingke Yang, Junxian Shen, Runsheng Chen, Zhongnian Zhou, Zhuying Zheng, and Zihe Rao, while group awards were presented to the Core Facility Technology Support Group, the Drosophila Learning and Memory Research Group, and the Light-harvesting Protein Structure Research Group.

The Institute of Biophysics, authorized by the People?s Republic of China State Council, was established formally on September 26, 1958. In the last fifty years, the Institute of Biophysics has made outstanding achievements in the field of the life sciences and has made an important contribution to the national economy. IBP has gained a good international reputation in research about synthetic insulin, the crystal structure of the spinach major light-harvesting complex and in decision-making mechanisms in Drosophila. IBP scientists are now justifiably proud of their research on the biology of the universe and radiobiology that began in secret half a century ago.

Protein Science and Brain & Cognitive Sciences are currently the two main research fields at IBP. From 2002 to 2007, the Institute published 56 papers  whose Impact Factors are greater than 10. Of these, seven  papers were published in Cell and its sister journals,

13 papers in Nature and its sister journals, 8 papers in Science and 10 papers in PNAS. Nature has published 3 research papers from IBP in 2008. Recently the quantity and quality of important science papers produced by the Institute has improved greatly.

?Explore the mysteries of life, serve the people of our nation? was the inspiring message the President of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Yongxiang Lu, gave to IBP on the occasion of its Fiftieth Anniversary celebrations, reminding us of the high expectations placed on the Institute. IBP researchers must devote

Flowers and gifts were received from about 32 work units  

themselves to research work, but also keep in mind the needs of the country. They have worked unrelentously to commercialize research breakthroughs. Professor Tao Xu, appointed as the Director of IBP in April, 2007, was the youngest Director in the Chinese Academy of Science at that time. In his article, ?Inheriting Culture, and Carrying it Forward?, written to celebrate the Fiftieth Anniversary of IBP he commented, ?With fifty years of tradition, and the efforts of generations of the members of IBP behind us, I believe that IBP will have a brilliant future?.

Letters of congratulation, flowers and gifts were received from about 32 work units for IBP?s Fiftieth Anniversary celebrations, including the Beijing Branch of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Science Times, the Graduate University of CAS, the Psychology Institute of CAS, Shanghai Institute of Life Sciences, and Tsinghua University. Dongsheng Innovative Company, Bio-Sino Bio-Technology and Science Inc., and 11 other companies kindly provided financial support. We would like to take this opportunity to express our appreciation to each and every one who supported us on this important occasion!


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