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The 2009 annual workshop of National Laboratory of Biomacromolecules was held

Author: Update time: 2009-07-20


The 2009 annual workshop of National Laboratory of Biomacromolecules was held at Guishan Hotel in Guilin on July 11th. Participants of academic committee including Prof. Dongcai Liang, Prof. Fuyu Yang, Prof. Qishui Lin, Prof. Yunyu Shi, Prof. Aike Guo, Prof. Dacheng Wang, Prof. Wenrui Chang, Prof. Hualiang Jiang, Prof. Zhigang Tian, Prof. Lin Li and Prof. Jun Yu. PI, visiting research fellows and managers in Institute of Biophysics also took part in this symposium.

The director of the laboratory, Dr Tao Xu, extended his warm welcome to the guests and gave an exciting opening remark highlighting the significance of collaboration and review in the laboratory. The principals of key projects of the laboratory summarized their progress, experience of teamwork and the difficulties they have met, respectively.

After the meeting, the academic committee of the National Laboratory of Biomacromolecules held a discussion about the key projects report emphasizing the results as well as the deficiencies of each team. “The cooperation is very important and we will keep on supporting those excellent key project teams.” The director said.






Round table 

Prof. Tao Xu reporting

Prof. Ruiming Xu reporting




Prof. Haiying Hang reporting

Prof. Guangju Ji reporting

Prof. Zhijie Liu reporting 




Prof. Zhihai Qin reporting

Prof. Hong Tang reporting

Asso. Prof.Haihong Ye reporting


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