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Professor Mathias Uhlen Visited the Institute of Biophysics and Gave Lectures

Author: Update time: 2019-09-25

On September 12, 2019, Professor Mathias Uhlen visited the Institute of Biophysics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences at the invitation of Academician Tao Xu of IBP and made a speech entitled “The Human Protein Atlas - implications for human biology, drug Development and precision medicines”.

Prof. Mathias and  Prof. Tao Xu

Professor Mathias' report on the subject is "Human Protein Atlas - Significance for Human Biology, Drug Development, and Precision Medicine." Professor Mathias gave us a detailed introduction to the three parts of The Human Protein Atlas: (1) the Tissue Atlas, (2) the Cell Atlas, and (3) Pathology Atlas. and this year's latest results: Brain Atlas and Blood Atlas. Then combined with drug development, durg response and current hot spot precision medicine, Mathias tells the important role of protein map in scientific research. 

 Prof. Mathias was giving the lecture 

Professor Mathias's report is in-depth, full of content, clear logic, and rigorous thinking, which benefited participants. After the report, many professors, researchers and students asked questions. Professor Mathias patiently and meticulously answered everyone's questions and made everyone feel like a spring breeze. The academic atmosphere of the entire venue was strong and ended in a warm applause. Then, Professor Mathias visited the National Key Laboratory of Biomacromolecules, Bioimaging Center, State Key Laboratory of Brain and Cognitive Science and Proteomics Technology Laboratory. Then he conducted academic discussions with Academician Tao Xu, Senior Engineer Wei Ji, Professor Kaixin Zhou and other teachers.

The Audience 

The Audience


  (From Tao Xu 's team )


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