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ILCregs Play an Important Role in Regulation of Intestinal Inflammation 2017/08/24
Structures of A Plant Photosynthetic Machine Provide High-resolution Insights into the Light Harv... 2017/08/23
The Composition of a Protein Aggregate Modulates the Specificity and Efficiency of Its Autophagic... 2017/08/21
Dr. Xiaoping Hu from University of California Riverside Visited IBP and Delivered a BEI Shizhang ... 2017/08/15
Integrated-omics of Deteriorating Pancreatic Islets Revealing the Chronological Order of T2D-rela... 2017/08/15
IBP Scientists Revealed The Molecular Mechanism for RNA-Guided RNA Cleavage by Cas13a 2017/07/28
IBP Scientists Have Developed A New Fluorescence Labeling Strategy to Allow Application of Single... 2017/07/25
Chinese Scientists Found That Bacterial Lipid Droplets Bind DNA And Involve in Transcriptional Re... 2017/07/12
Chinese Scientists Generate Superior and Safer Stem Cells with Gene Editing 2017/07/11
Dr. Mofang Liu from SIBS visited IBP and delivered a BEI Shizhang Lecture 2017/07/11
The Student with a Dream Publishes Agonist-bound Marijuana Receptor Structure in Nature 2017/07/06
A Study Reveals A Secret of Memory Formation in the Brain 2017/07/03
Prof. Jürgen G?tz from the Queensland Brain Institute University of Queensland, Visited IBP and... 2017/06/29
New Mechanism of Diabetic Neuropathy Involved Autophagy Impairment Mediated by S-nitrosation Expl... 2017/06/28
Dr. Hari Shroff from National Institutes of Health Visited IBP and Delivered BEI Shizhang Lecture 2017/06/13
SIAH E3 Ubiquitin Ligase Regulation of Wnt/β-catenin Signaling Identified by IBP And NIBR Scient... 2017/06/06
Prof. Liang Tong from the Columbia University Visited IBP and Delivered the Bei Shizhang Lecture 2017/06/01
Prof. SONG Baoliang from Wuhan University Delivered the BEI Shizhang Lecture 2017/05/25
Notch Positive Feedback Loop Regulates Intestine Stem Cell Self-renewal 2017/05/18
IBP Scientists Made New Research Progress on the Therapeutic Vaccine for Chronic Hepatitis B Infe... 2017/05/05
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