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H-ferritin for tumor SPECT/MR imaging 2016/05/18
Prof. Masaaki Komatsu from Niigata University Visited IBP and Delivered the Shizhang Bei Lecture 2016/05/05
Research uncovers the molecular mechanism of cGMP-dependent protein kinase in regulating the moto... 2016/04/25
Study Unveils Novel Crosstalk Mechanism Between Mitochondrial Translation and Cytoplasmic Transla... 2016/04/12
Prof. ZENG Hongkui from Allen Institute for Brain Science Visited IBP and Delivered BEI Shizhang ... 2016/04/11
Glutathionylation of the Bacterial Hsp70 Chaperone DnaK Provides a Link Between Oxidative Stress ... 2016/03/29
Nobel Prize Winner Prof. Eric Betzig, and Na Ji from Howard Hughes Medical Institute Visited IBP ... 2016/03/21
Selective recognition of histone variant H2A.Z gives insight into mechanism of chromatin remodeling 2016/03/16
FEI CEO Don Kania Visited IBP and Signed IBP-FEI Strategic Collaborative Agreement 2016/03/04
CAS Scientists Constructed the Adiposome/Nano-particle And Artificial Lipid Droplet 2016/02/29
Research Explains Molecular Mechanism of Ribosomal Back-movement During Protein Translation 2016/01/26
Prof. MEI Lin from Georgia Regents University Visited IBP and Delivered the BEI Shizhang Lecture 2016/01/04
What Is the Different Functions of LGG-1 and LGG-2 in Autophagy? 2015/12/18
What Is the Intrinsic Dynamic Regulation of the Nuclear Membrane Protein SUN2? 2015/12/11
What Will Lead to Precise Interventions for GBM Patients? 2015/12/07
Prof. Roberto Sitia from Università Vita Salute San Raffaele Visited IBP and Delivered the BEI S... 2015/12/04
Prof. Kwok-Fai So from the University of Hong Kong Visited IBP and Delivered the BEI Shizhang Lec... 2015/12/01
How Does HCV Escape From Immune Response? 2015/11/30
Prof. Dennis Kasper from Harvard Medical School Visited IBP and Delivered the BEI Shizhang Lecture 2015/11/19
Prof. Andrew R. Marks from Columbia University Visited IBP and Delivered the BEI Shizhang Lecture 2015/11/19
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