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Professor George H. Lorimer from University of Maryland visited IBP and delivered the Shizhang Be... 2015/06/08
MHV-68 ORF48 is activated by RTA and important for viral replication 2015/06/05
A Genetically Encoded Electron Acceptor Enables Photoinduced Electron Transfer in Green Fluoresce... 2015/05/31
The autophagy gene Wdr45/Wipi4 regulates learning and memory function and axonal homeostasis 2015/05/27
Professor David Huang from WEHI visits IBP 2015/05/22
Zusen Fan lab reveals a new molecular mechanism on self-renewal of liver cancer stem cell 2015/05/20
Chinese Woman Scientist Appointed ABA President 2015/05/14
New discovery unveils heterochromatin disorganization as potential driver of human aging 2015/05/12
The snapshots ofa key step in the photosynthetic state transitions captured by scientists from th... 2015/04/29
Chinese scientists construct the first M. tuberculosis proteome microarray 2014/12/22
Structural study reveals a novel cell membrane remodeling mechanism 2014/10/27
Novel nanocarrier ideal for efficient anti-tumor drug delivery discovered 2014/10/24
Novel molecular details of a complex mediating RNA-guided immune surveillance 2014/10/13
Professor QIN Yan’s breakthrough in ribosomal function study 2014/09/01
A novel insight into stem cell self-renewal and differentiation balance 2014/08/21
Structural analysis reveals a fundamental mechanism vital for phospholipid biosynthesis 2014/07/10
Closing ceremony of Tour of China held at IBP 2014/07/01
IBP structural biologists detail how lipopolysaccharidesaretransported and inserted in Gram-negat... 2014/06/26
A biosensor designed by IBP scientist won 1st Prize at World Congress on Biosensors 2014/06/11
A new technique developed by collaboration of IBP and University of Cambridge allows researchers ... 2014/06/03
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