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IBP Seminar: Minotaur is critical for primary piRNA biogenesis 2013/11/20
IBP 55 anniversary Seminar: ABC transporters: structures and mechanisms 2013/11/05
IBP 55 anniversary Seminar: Sensing the environment: how Drosophila larvae react to food and light 2013/10/23
IBP 55 anniversary Seminar: Autophagy: from neurodegeneration to the plasma membrane 2013/10/09
IBP 55 anniversary Seminar: Channel-sensor coupling during exocytosis in central synapses 2013/09/19
IBP 55 anniversary Seminar: Checkpoint control and cancer 2013/09/10
2013-09-02 Symposium on Metabolism,Library of Institute of Biophysics, CAS, Beijing 2013/08/29
Molecular basis of diagnosis, prevention and treatment of infectious diseases 2013/08/29
IBP 55 anniversary Seminar: DNA Oxidation towards Pluripotency in Mammalian Development 2013/08/28
IBP 55 anniversary Seminar: Division of Labor and Coordination Among the Subunits of a Viral Ring... 2013/08/22
IBP 55 anniversary Seminar: Mechanism and function of DNA methylation dynamic regulation by the T... 2013/07/22
IBP 55 anniversary Seminar: PMitochondrial Superoxide Flashes 2013/07/09
2013-06-28 15:00 IBP Seminar: Monitoring Protein Synthesis with Fluorescent Labeled tRNA FRET Pairs 2013/06/26
2013-06-24 15:00 IBP Seminar: What can we learn about clathrin-mediated endocytosis with cell-att... 2013/06/23
IBP 55 anniversary Seminar: Potassium Channel Gating by Calcium and Calmodulin 2013/06/23
2013-07-02 14:00 IBP Seminar: Structure and mechanism of a bacterial sodium-dependent carboxylate... 2013/06/14
2013-06-27 15:00 IBP Seminar: Age-related Declines in Vision and Recovery of Function using Perce... 2013/06/14
2013-06-14 15:00 IBP Seminar: Antibodies by design 2013/06/14
International Mini-Symposium:Protein Folding, Post-Translational Modification & Quality Control... 2013/05/28
2013-05-29 14:00 IBP 55 anniversary Seminar: Codon usage as a mechanism regulates protein expres... 2013/05/27
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