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  DeJiu Zhang Ph.D, Assistant Professor

  Member of the Youth Innovation Promotion Association of CAS

  Chinese Academy of Sciences Key Laboratory of RNA Biology, IBP

  Protein translation

  E-mail: dejiuzhang@hotmail.com

  Tel: 010-64888434

  Zip code:100101

  Chinese personal homepage

Biography & Introduction

Education & Positions

2003.09 -2007.07 College of life sciences, Northwest A&F University, B. S.

2007.09 -2010.07 College of life sciences, Lanzhou University, M.S.

2010.09 -2016.07 Institute of Biophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, PhD

2016.07 -2019Assistant Professor, Institute of Biophysics, CAS

Research Interests

? Initiation and elongation of protein translation

? tRNA translocation

Selected Publications

1. Gao, Y., Bai, X., Zhang, D.J., Han, C., Yuan, J., Liu, W., Cao, X., Chen, Z., Shangguan, F., Zhu, Z., et al. (2016). Mammalian elongation factor 4 regulates mitochondrial translation essential for spermatogenesis. Nature structural & molecular biology 23(5): 441-449..

2. Zhang, D.J., Yan, K., Liu, G., Song, G., Luo, J., Shi, Y., Cheng, E., Wu, S., Jiang, T., Lou, J., et al. (2016). EF4 disengages the peptidyl-tRNA CCA end and facilitates back-translocation on the 70S ribosome. Nature structural & molecular biology 23, 125-131.

3. Zhang, D.J., Yan, K., Zhang, Y., Liu, G., Cao, X., Song, G., Xie, Q., Gao, N., and Qin, Y. (2015). New insights into the enzymatic role of EF-G in ribosome recycling. Nucleic acids research 43, 10525-10533.

4. Zhang, Y., Mandava, C.S., Cao, W., Li, X., Zhang, D.J., Li, N., Zhang, Y., Zhang, X., Qin, Y., Mi, K., et al. (2015). HflX is a ribosome-splitting factor rescuing stalled ribosomes under stress conditions. Nature structural & molecular biology 22, 906-913.

5. Liu, G., Song, G., Zhang, D., Zhang, D.J., Li, Z., Lyu, Z., Dong, J., Achenbach, J., Gong, W., Zhao, X.S., et al. (2014). EF-G catalyzes tRNA translocation by disrupting interactions between decoding center and codon-anticodon duplex. Nature structural & molecular biology 21, 817-824.

6. Zhang, D.J., and Qin, Y. (2013). The paradox of elongation factor 4: highly conserved, yet of no physiological significance? The Biochemical journal 452, 173-181.

7. Wang, L., Yang, F., Zhang, D.J., Chen, Z., Xu, R.M., Nierhaus, K.H., Gong, W., and Qin, Y. (2012). A conserved proline switch on the ribosome facilitates the recruitment and binding of trGTPases. Nature structural & molecular biology 19, 403-410.

8. Tang, X.L., Yue, F., Yan, X.F., Zhang, D.J., Xin, Y., Wang, C., and Chen, Q. (2012). Effects of gestation temperature on offspring sex and maternal reproduction in a viviparous lizard (Eremias multiocellata) living at high altitude. Journal of Thermal Biology 37, 438-444.

9. Tang, X.L., Yue, F., Zhang, D.J., Yan, X.F., Xin, Y., Wang, C., and Chen, Q. (2012). The effect of operational sex ratio on sex allocation and neonate phenotype in a viviparous lizard Eremias multiocellata. Amphibia-Reptilia 33, 485-493.

10. Xin, Y., Tang, X., Yue, F., Zhang, D.J., Yan, X., Wang, C., and Chen, Q. (2012). Isolation and sequence analysis of sox genes from lizard Eremias multiocellata. Genetika 48, 89-96.

11. Yue, F., Tang, X.L., Zhang, D.J., Yan, X.F., Xin, Y., and Chen, Q. (2012). Body temperature and standard metabolic rate of the female viviparous lizard Eremias multiocellata during reproduction. Canadian Journal of Zoology 90, 79-84.

12. Yan, X.F., Tang, X.L., Yue, F., Zhang, D.J., Xin, Y., Wang, C., and Chen, Q. (2011). Influence of ambient temperature on maternal thermoregulation and neonate phenotypes in a viviparous lizard, Eremias multiocellata, during the gestation period. Journal of Thermal Biology 36, 187-192.

13. Zhang, D.J., Tang, X.L., Yue, F., Chen, Z., Li, R.D., and Chen, Q. (2010). Effect of gestation temperature on sexual and morphological phenotypes of offspring in a viviparous lizard, Eremias multiocellata. Journal of Thermal Biology 35, 129-133.


From DeJiu Zhang,2019-03-22  


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