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Members of Chinese Academy of Sciences





Shizhang Bei

Elected in 1955

(Deceased in 2009)


Chenglu Zou 

Elected in 1980

(Deceased in 2007) 


Dongcai Liang

Elected in 1980


Fuyu Yang

Elected in 1991






Zhixin Wang

Elected in 1997


Zhizhen Wang

Elected in 2001


Zihe Rao

Elected in 2003


Aike Guo

Elected in 2003






Lin Chen

Elected in 2003


Dacheng Wang

Elected in 2005


Wenrui Chang

Elected in 2005


Runsheng Chen

Elected in 2007






Xiyun Yan

Elected in 2015 

Tao Xu

   Elected in 2017 



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