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New insights into the fusion of inner mitochondrial membranes by Mgm1 2020/02/10
Researchers Reveal Mechanism of Swc5 Facillitates the Chromatin Deposition of Histone Variant H2A.Z 2020/02/09
Structural basis for energy transfer and electron transport of cyanobacterial photosystem I under... 2020/02/06
Structural basis for the cyclic electron transport in cyanobacteria 2020/01/31
How fruit flies flock together in orderly clusters 2020/01/21
Researchers Elucidate Mechanism of REV7 Recruitment by SHLD3 during DNA Double-Strand Break Repair 2020/01/06
The function of the histone variant H2A.Z on DNA replication selection 2019/12/24
SUSR2 regulates autophagy by controlling the trafficking of the PtdIns(4)P phosphatase SAC1 2019/11/29
Scientists Discover the Structural Basis for Light Harvesting in Green Algae 2019/11/25
A discovery reveals communications between lysosome and ECM 2019/11/14
TGFβ-like DAF-7 acts as a systemic signal for autophagy regulation in C. elegans 2019/10/30
WANG Yanli’s group elucidated the mechanisms of DNA cleavage by Cas9 and its inhibitionstate by ... 2019/10/25
Chinese research team has developed the first photo-controllable fluorescent protein for Epon bas... 2019/10/11
Chinese Scientists Develop New Interferometric Single Molecule Localization Microscopy 2019/09/06
A novel tumor targeted immune checkpoint inhibitor 2019/07/22
New insights into membrane trafficking regulated by ER fusion protein 2019/06/26
Chinese scientists reveal the molecular mechanism of blocking host death receptor signaling by ba... 2019/04/10
The ER-Localized Protein DFCP1 Modulates ER-Lipid Droplet Contact Formation 2019/04/10
Chinese scientists reveal a geroprotective role of YAP-FOXD1 pathway in rejuvenating aged cells a... 2019/04/02
Yan Qin Group and University of Science and Technology Beijing have made important progress in im... 2019/03/22
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