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Dopamine-Mushroom Body Circuit Regulates Saliency-Based Decision-Making in Drosophila

Author: Update time: 2009-09-08

A study by Professor Aike Guo and colleagues showed that mushroom bodies (MBs) and the dopaminergic system may have some functional cooperation and that the circuit from the dopamine system to MBs is crucial for choice behavior in Drosophila. This choice behavior may be a ‘winnertakes-all’ style and depends on a gating mechanism and amplification effects of the dopaminergic-MB circuit. It consists of early and late phases; the former requires activation of the dopaminergic system and MBs, while the latter is independent of these activities. Drosophila has become a model organism for challenging some of the mysteries of high-level aspects of cognition including salience-based decision making.

This work was published on Science (2007, 316(5833) :1901-1904).



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