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Recognition of CD146 as an ERM-binding protein offers novel mechanisms for melanoma cell migration 2011/08/12
A role for the arginine methylation of Rad9 in checkpoint control and cellular sensitivity to DNA... 2011/07/29
Research progress in HIV infection using humanized mice 2011/07/11
The c-Abl-MST1 Signaling Pathway Mediates Oxidative Stress-Induced Neuronal Cell Death 2011/07/11
Structural Basis of Neurotoxicity Caused by TDP-43 Mutation 2011/07/08
Structure analysis of human Orc6 protein reveals function 2011/07/08
Female concave-eared frogs unresponsive to ultrasonic mating calls 2011/06/15
Chromatin higher-order structures and gene regulation 2011/05/30
Dynamic regulation of lymphatic vessel remodeling during inflammation 2011/05/26
A key residue allows HJURP to specifically recognize CENP-A 2011/05/06
Making Human Atrial and Ventricular Myocytes in the Laboratory 2011/05/06
New mechanism behind fatty acid-induced glucose uptake 2011/05/04
New insights into B cell biology may lead to antiviral vaccines 2011/04/28
Structural analysis indicates Orc6 protein’s role in DNA replication 2011/04/27
SUMO controls development through activation of the JNK pathway by Hipk 2011/03/31
NMR-derived Topology of a GFP-photoprotein Energy Transfer Complex was determined 2011/03/02
Study shows that urine formaldehyde level is correlated with senile dementia 2011/02/18
Chinese scientists publish an atomic model of a cypovirus based on a cryoEM study 2011/01/17
New insights into the mechanism behind the anti-tumor therapeutic effects of Trastuzumab treatmen... 2010/12/12
Generation of human atrial myocytes and ventricular myocytes in the laboratory 2010/11/23
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