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Science published IBP scientists’ work in neuronal activity 2010/10/29
IBP – an improved method for the detection of S-nitrosation in proteins 2010/10/27
TrueSTAR, a new dynamic MR angiography imaging technique for clinical evaluation of cerebrovascul... 2010/10/20
The Profile of Mitochondrial Proteins and Their Phosphorylation Signaling Network in INS-1 β Cells 2010/10/18
Chinese Researchers Developed a New Approach to Assess the Impact of Influenza Virus on Human Death 2010/08/17
A new real-time assay for investigating the dynamics of membrane fusion 2010/07/15
The Role and Structure of the Carboxyl-terminal Domain of the Human Voltage-gated Proton Channel ... 2010/07/15
A novel role for Rad1 in preventing skin tumor development in mice 2010/07/14
New Findings on the Folding and Folding Stability of Staphylococcal Nuclease 2010/07/13
New findings from IBP Professor Renjie Jiao’s group in epigenetic regulation 2010/06/18
Study sheds new light on the pathological mechanisms of Parkinson’s Disease 2010/06/15
PI4KIIα, a novel player in tumor growth 2010/05/31
New regulatory mechanisms involving MST1 in cell survival signalling 2010/05/26
IBP SCI publications in April 2010 2010/05/19
MTMR4 Dephosphorylates R-Smads in Early Endosomes 2010/05/13
A new effective strategy for treating tobacco addiction was found by researchers from Chinese Aca... 2010/04/27
Crystal Structure of the Carnitine Transporter 2010/04/07
A Drosophila model for TDP-43 proteinopathy 2010/03/26
Professor Fuquan Yang’s group conduct the first large-scale phosphoproteome analysis of rat L6 m... 2010/03/22
FKBP12.6: a novel regulator for glucose-stimulated insulin secretion 2010/03/12
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