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Systematic identification and characterization of chicken (Gallus gallus) ncRNAs 2009/10/16
Crystal structure of DNA gyrase B' domain sheds lights on the mechanism for T-segment navigation 2009/10/16
Investigation of the structure and function of the human LanCL1 protein by Prof. Zihe Rao's group... 2009/09/29
Nature Neuroscience publishes a joint paper between Prof Shi-Gang He's group at IBP and Prof Ju-F... 2009/09/23
Work on human 5,10-Methenyltetrahydrofolate Synthetase (hMTHFS) by Prof Zhi-Jie Liu's group appea... 2009/09/17
The automated high throughput gene to crystal pipeline accomplished -- a new breakthrough in inst... 2009/09/16
Crystal structure of the polymerase PAC¨CPB1N complex from an avian influenza H5N1 virus 2009/09/11
Institute of Biophysics has made important progress in the research of complex structure of neuro... 2009/09/10
A Remarkable Progress on the Study of Acoustic Communication in the Concave-eared Frog 2009/09/09
New Progress in the Studies of the Pigeon Visual System 2009/09/08
New Progress in the Studies of the Zinc-finger Antiviral Protein 2009/09/08
Dopamine-Mushroom Body Circuit Regulates Saliency-Based Decision-Making in Drosophila 2009/09/08
Adaptive immune cells temper initial innate responses 2009/09/06
Labeling GLUT4 Storage Vesicles -- Dissecting multiple steps of GLUT4 trafficking and identifying... 2009/09/06
Intrinsic peroxidase-like activity of ferromagnetic nanoparticles 2009/09/05
PKA activation bypasses the requirement for UNC-31 in the docking of dense core vesicles from C.e... 2009/09/05
Improving penetration in tumors with nanoassemblies of phospholipids and doxorubicin 2009/09/04
The multifunctional human p100 protein ‘hooks’ methylated ligands 2009/09/03
Ultrasonic communication in frogs 2009/09/03
Distinct memory traces for two visual features in the Drosophila brain 2009/09/03
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