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Structure of state-transition supercomplex PSI-LHCI-LHCII reveals the adaptation and regulation m... 2018/06/08
The molecular mechanism of sperm activation by zinc and its transporter is reported on PLoS Biolo... 2018/06/08
QIN Yan group and YANG Fuyu group reveal new mechanisms of cancer bioenergetics regulation 2018/06/05
A new function of Fam20C in tuning endoplasmic reticulum redox homeostasis 2018/06/04
Structural Insights into the Non-canonical Ubiquitination Catalyzed by SidE 2018/05/07
Aldolase B-Mediated Fructose Metabolism Drives Metabolic Re-programming of Colon Cancer Liver Met... 2018/05/02
Oversea Group in CAS Key Laboratory of Infection and Immunity Identified Novel Immune Regulatory ... 2018/04/27
Block-based Reconstruction method breaks the Ewald sphere limitation in cryo-EM 2018/04/26
Structure of an ancient prokaryotic photosynthetic core complex 2018/04/20
New mechanism of how metformin delays human cellular aging 2018/04/20
The ER Contact Proteins VAPA/B Interact with Multiple Autophagy Proteins to Modulate Autophagosom... 2018/04/20
Tumor catalytic therapy with nanozymes 2018/04/16
Dr. Bing Zhu’s lab identified the role of nuclear import pathway in epigenetic silencing 2018/04/11
Ferritin Nanocarrier Traverses the Blood Brainbarrier and Kills Glioma 2018/04/11
Cryo-EM structure of a herpesvirus capsid at 3.1 Angstrom 2018/03/30
Drawing the developmental landscape of the human prefrontal cortex by single-cell RNAseq 2018/03/15
New insight into MFN1-mediated homotypic membrane fusion 2018/03/07
New insight into the mechanism for ER stress-induced apoptosis 2018/03/07
The group of Prof. Sarah Perrett has made important progress in the study of mechanisms of amyloi... 2018/02/07
New insight into checkpoint blockade for tumor therapy 2018/02/02
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