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SENP6 Regulates centromere identity 2019/01/11
WANG Yanli group reveals the molecular mechanism of CRISPR–SpyCas9 inhibition by a phage anti-CR... 2019/01/03
A new regulatory mechanism of cortical SST interneuron development 2018/12/11
WANG Yanli group and ZHANG Xinzheng group reveal the molecular mechanism of Type III CRISPR-Cas s... 2018/12/01
Scientists Uncover Mechanism Safeguarding Unique Epigenome of Oocytes and Maternal Fertility 2018/11/30
Atomic resolutionCryo-EM structure of Type III-ACRISPR-Cas effector complex 2018/11/28
Chinese scientists uncover the mechanism of kinesin-3 autoinhibition 2018/11/22
Progress in artificial design of light driven carbon dioxide reductase by WANG Jiangyun’s group 2018/11/06
piRBase-A comprehensive database of piRNA sequences 2018/10/31
Dr. LI Dong's lab develops new super-resolution imaging technique to reveal novel phenomena of or... 2018/10/29
New insight into development of Cajal-Retzius cells and early local circuitry 2018/10/14
Important progresses on the new mechanisms of naive CD4 T cells activation upon immunization with... 2018/10/02
FUS interacts with ATP synthase beta subunit and induces mitochondrial unfolded protein response 2018/09/25
Phase separation and transition control autophagic degradation of PGL granules 2018/08/31
Progress of Gene Encoded difluorotyrosine on Membrane Protein and Application of Gene Code Expans... 2018/08/22
IBP Scientists discover a new regulation mechanism of histone acetyltransferase activity by histo... 2018/08/10
Structure of state-transition supercomplex PSI-LHCI-LHCII reveals the adaptation and regulation m... 2018/06/08
The molecular mechanism of sperm activation by zinc and its transporter is reported on PLoS Biolo... 2018/06/08
QIN Yan group and YANG Fuyu group reveal new mechanisms of cancer bioenergetics regulation 2018/06/05
A new function of Fam20C in tuning endoplasmic reticulum redox homeostasis 2018/06/04
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