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Selective recognition of histone variant H2A.Z gives insight into mechanism of chromatin remodeling 2016/03/16
CAS Scientists Constructed the Adiposome/Nano-particle And Artificial Lipid Droplet 2016/02/29
Research Explains Molecular Mechanism of Ribosomal Back-movement During Protein Translation 2016/01/26
What Is the Different Functions of LGG-1 and LGG-2 in Autophagy? 2015/12/18
What Is the Intrinsic Dynamic Regulation of the Nuclear Membrane Protein SUN2? 2015/12/11
What Will Lead to Precise Interventions for GBM Patients? 2015/12/07
How Does HCV Escape From Immune Response? 2015/11/30
Secret of Parkinson’s Disease: Chinese Scientists Find New Molecular Mechanism 2015/11/06
Myo9b, A Key Player in SLIT/ROBO-mediated Lung Tumor Suppression 2015/11/04
Long Noncoding RNA ADINR Functions To Regulate Adipogenesis 2015/10/23
The Mechanism of New Spacer Acquisition in CRISPR-Cas System Discovered by IBP Scientists 2015/10/16
Structural Insights into Ribosome Recycling Process Catalyzed by Elongation Factor G 2015/10/13
Defining “What Is A Number”: Topology-defined Units in Numerosity Perception 2015/09/29
New insight into homotypic ER fusion mediated by dynamin-like GTPase 2015/09/16
New Coding Methods and 19F-NMR Techniques Disclosed the Phospho-coding Mechanisms of G Protein Co... 2015/09/14
FUS Interacts with HSP60 to Promote Mitochondrial Damage 2015/09/09
IBP Scientists discover that Drosophila Oskar is a novel RNA binding protein through str... 2015/09/06
A Designed Metalloenzyme Achieving the Catalytic Rate of a Native Enzyme 2015/09/01
Anti-CD47 Antibody Offers New Approaches to Cancer Therapy 2015/09/01
A novel insight into the reciprocal interaction between commensal bacteria and host 2015/08/18
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