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Reprogramming based gene therapy for inherited red blood cell disorders 2012/08/28
New structural insights into C-terminal catalytic domain of SSV1 integrase 2012/08/08
Structural study of TTR-52 reveals the mechanism by which a bridging molecule mediates apoptotic ... 2012/07/13
New findings on the mechanism by which granzyme M causes caspase activation leading to the lysis ... 2012/07/13
New structural insights into pre-mRNA splicing 2012/06/26
Structural Analysis of the STING Adaptor Protein Reveals a Hydrophobic Dimer Interface and Mode o... 2012/05/16
New insights into the causes of mitochondrial catastrophe 2012/04/20
CD146 is an ERM-binding protein that is involved in regulating human melanoma cell motility 2012/04/18
Love story of sperm 2012/04/09
Autophagy genes promote apoptotic cell corpse clearance in the engulfing cell 2012/04/05
New mechanisms found responsible for oxidative stress-induced neuronal cell death 2012/04/01
More photoactivatable fluorescent proteins available for super-resolution microscopy and cell ima... 2012/04/01
A sensor-adaptor mechanism for enterovirus uncoating from structures of EV71 2012/03/29
A conserved proline switch on the ribosome facilitates the recruitment and binding of trGTPases 2012/03/14
Chinese scientists discover a novel strategy for vaccine strain recommendation 2012/03/12
Lymph node homeostasis and remodeling 2012/02/23
Face-to-Face, trans-autophosphorylation of PAKs 2012/01/17
CD146, an epithelial-mesenchymal transition inducer, is associated with triple-negative breast ca... 2012/01/17
Replication and Transcription Activator (RTA) of Murine Gammaherpesvirus 68 Binds to an RTA-Respo... 2011/12/30
The crystal structure of S. pombe aprataxin Hnt3 sheds light on its role in the repair o... 2011/12/07
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