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Structural analysis reveals a fundamental mechanism vital for phospholipid biosynthesis 2014/07/10
IBP structural biologists detail how lipopolysaccharidesaretransported and inserted in Gram-negat... 2014/06/26
A new technique developed by collaboration of IBP and University of Cambridge allows researchers ... 2014/06/03
Breakthrough in the kinase activity regulation mechanism of PI4KIIα 2014/05/07
IBP scientists discover left-handed double helix structure in 30nm chromatin fiber 2014/04/25
Crystal structures provide new insight into DNA cleavage mechanism of Thermus thermophilus Argonaute 2014/04/10
New mechanism of Pcid2 in regulating pluripotency of embryonic stem cells revealed 2014/03/31
Novel epigenetic mechanism of Notch signaling regulation during Drosophila development revealed 2013/12/09
Novel rapid, photoclick chemistry mediated protein labeling developed 2013/04/28
High-resolution structures reveal a novel catalytic mechanism for N-acyl homoserine lactonase 2013/04/16
Structural study of MCPIP1 N-terminal conserved domain reveals a PIN-like RNase 2012/11/14
Structural study of ISG54 reveals a novel RNA binding structure and potential functional mechanisms 2012/11/02
Induced neural stem cells: a new tool for studying neural development and neurological disorders 2012/09/20
Reprogramming based gene therapy for inherited red blood cell disorders 2012/08/28
New structural insights into C-terminal catalytic domain of SSV1 integrase 2012/08/08
Structural study of TTR-52 reveals the mechanism by which a bridging molecule mediates apoptotic ... 2012/07/13
New findings on the mechanism by which granzyme M causes caspase activation leading to the lysis ... 2012/07/13
New structural insights into pre-mRNA splicing 2012/06/26
Structural Analysis of the STING Adaptor Protein Reveals a Hydrophobic Dimer Interface and Mode o... 2012/05/16
New insights into the causes of mitochondrial catastrophe 2012/04/20
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