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Near-atomic Structure of Japanese Encephalitis Virus Reveals Critical Determinants of Virulence a... 2017/04/27
IBP Scientists Unveiled How LptB2FG Extracts Lipopolysaccharide (LPS) from Cytoplasmic Membrane 2017/04/20
Institute of Biophysics' Research Demonstrates A Conserved Mechanism of Intestinal Innate Immune ... 2017/04/19
CAS Scientists Visualize the “Annual Rings” in Human Genome 2017/04/17
Researchers at IBP Revealed That Reconstitution of HuR-inhibited CUGBP1 Expression Protects Cardi... 2017/04/07
IBP Scientists Elucidated Generation and Loading of DNA Guides by Bacterial Argonaute 2017/03/09
Cryo-EM Structure of 90S Pre-ribosome Was Determined by the YE Keqiong Group 2017/03/07
Proposition of A New Concept "Redox-stress Response Capacity (RRC)" Gives Insight into Substantiv... 2017/02/27
Researches Identify a Novel Satiety Hormone in Fruit Flies for Protein-specific Nutrient Sensing ... 2017/02/08
A Receptor Mimic Neutralizing Mechanism Against Hepatitis A Virus Infection Identified by IBP and... 2017/01/17
IBP Scientists Determined the Structure of C2c2, Effector of Type VI CRISPR-Cas System 2017/01/13
Research progress of a novel aromatic prenyltransferase for its unprecedented enzymatic promiscuity 2016/12/21
Researcher at Institute of Biophysics Identifies Neurons for Appetite and Obesity in Drosophila 2016/12/15
Single-cell sequencing reveals variants driving self-renewal of human bladder cancer stem cells 2016/11/14
SALL4A Regulates DNA Demethylation at Enhancers 2016/11/11
Structural Basis for DNA Recognition by STAT6 Identified by IBP 2016/11/02
Delegation from Taipei First Girls' High School Visited IBP 2016/10/27
The Structure of the Human “Marijuana Receptor”Was Resovled 2016/10/21
Delegation from ThermoFisher Scientific, Analytical Instruments (the Former FEI) Visited IBP 2016/10/17
Mice Deficient in the Vici Syndrome Gene Epg5 Exhibit Features of Retinitis Pigmentosa 2016/10/14
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