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Positions are available in Ji Wei's team at the Institute of Biophysics, CAS

Updated: 2020-11-26

The team led by Researcher Ji Wei is attempting to develop new single molecule localization microscopy and single molecule detection (SMD) methods to solve problems faced by biomedical researchers. The team is now recruiting three research fellows (including a research assistant, associate researcher, engineer, and senior engineer).




Applicants should have a passion for scientific research and have a strong sense of responsibility as well as a pioneering team spirit.


Post 1

1. Major in cell biology, biochemistry, molecular biology and other related fields;

2. Having received systematic scientific research training, and familiar with commonly used experimental techniques such as cell culture and molecular cloning;

3. Proficiency in immunofluorescence, fluorescence labeling and other related technologies is preferred.


Post 2

1. Major in physics, optics, biomedical engineering, mechanical design and other related fields;

2. Experience in setting up optical imaging equipment is preferred.


Post 3

1. Major in computing, software engineering, automation and control, electronic information and other related fields;

2. Proficiency in C#, Labview, Python and other computer programming languages and hardware control is preferred.


Salaries and Allowances


Successful applicants will be provided with a competitive salary and benefits (including basic social insurance) in accordance with the regulations of the IBP and national rules. Applicants with outstanding qualifications will receive merit-based compensation and benefits in accordance with personal research background and experience.


Complete scientific research facilities will be provided including funds, workplace and logistical support.


How to Apply


Please send your resume (including the contact information of two academic referees) and other supporting documents to xiaoke@ibp.ac.cn. Please include your name and the position you are applying for in the subject area of the mail.


If you pass the first round of interviews, we will inform you of the specific date, place and related information of the following round.


These positions will be open until filled.


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