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Si Guangwei's team at Institute of Biophysics, CAS recruits research assistants

Updated: 2020-11-27

Si Guangwei's team at the Institute of Biophysics (IBP), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), is dedicated to studying the structure, function and development of neural coding and neural circuits. As an interdisciplinary laboratory, it has taken fruit flies as its model organism, employed research methods such as calcium imaging, optogenetics and microfluidics, integrated quantitative research and theoretical computation in the study of neural coding and relevant neural circuits, and developed computational algorithms inspired by neural biological systems.


We are now delighted to invite young scholars with a strong interest in neurosciences and interdisciplinary research to join the team. Positions available include a post-doctoral fellow (special assistant researchers) and an assistant research fellow.




1. PhD degree in neurobiology, biophysics or quantitative science (including physics, electronic engineering, computer science, mathematics, etc.);

2. Having achieved research findings and shown personal development potential.


Salaries and Allowances


1. Sufficient funds, advanced software and hardware platforms, cutting-edge and potential research topics will be provided to give free play to strengths and creativity of researchers;

2. Successful applicants will be provided with competitive salaries and benefits in accordance with IBP regulations, national rules and personal performance;

3. Applicants will be offered opportunities to attend academic conferences at home and abroad, and the research team will fully support the growth and development of young scholars who aspire to become principle investigators.


How to Apply


Applicants shall send a resume and application letter to si@ibp.ac.cn, and will be contacted for interview a week after their application materials have been reviewed.


Personal data will be kept strictly confidential. The positions will be open until filled.


Contact Us

Tel: 010-64889872

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Address: No 15 Datun Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing

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