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Na Chen, Ph.D, Assi. Prof.

Members of the Youth Innovation Promotion Association,CAS
Laboratory of Protein and Peptide Drugs, IBP
Autoimmune diseases, neurodegenerative diseases and ion channels
Tel: 010-64881029
Fax: 010-64881029
Zip code:100101
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Biography & Introductions
1997.09-2001.07 ShenyangPharmaceutical University BS
2001.09-2006.07 Shenyang Pharmaceutical University  Ph.D.
2006.07-2008.03 Institute of Biophysics, CAS  Research Associate
2008.04-2010.01 Institute of Biophysics, CAS  Assistant Professor
2010.02-2011.01 Baylor College of MedicinePostdoctoral Associate
2011,2-present    Institute of Biophysics, CAS  Assistant Professor
Research Interest
We are interested in studying the molecular and cellular mechanisms underlying the precise analysis and computation of neural signal in mammalian brain cortex, the plasticity at neurons,chemical and electrical synapses, the characteristics of spacial and temporalneural network activity, the genetics and neurobiologybases for neurodegenerativeand mental disorders.Multiple disciplinary approaches are used to address these issues,such as cellular electrophysiology with patch-clamp, cellular imaging by two-photon laser scanning microscopy in vitro/vivo,gene expression profiling combined with bioinformatics, behavioral analysis and math-physical modeling.
Selected publications
1. Na Chen, Siqi Xu, Yuhan Zhang, Feng Wang*, Animal protein toxins: origins and therapeutic applications, Biophys Rep 2018, 4(5):233–242
2. Zhilai Yang#, Na Chen#, Rongjing Ge, Hao Qian, and Jin-Hui Wang*, Functional compatibility between Purkinje cell axon branches and their target neurons in the cerebellum, Oncotarget. 2017; 8:72424-72437. ( co-first author)
3. Wang, M.-H., N. Chen*, and J.-H. Wang*, The coupling features of electrical synapses modulate neuronal synchrony in hypothalamic suprachiasmatic nucleus. Brain Research, 2014. 1550(0): p. 9-17.(co-corresponding author)
4. Rongjing Ge, Hao Qian, Na Chen and Jin-Hui Wang*. Input-dependent subcellular localization of spike initiation between soma and axon at cortical pyramidal neurons. Molecular Brain 2014, 7:26.
5. Hong Ni, Li Huang, Na Chen, Fengyu Zhang, Dongbo Liu, Ming Ge, Sudong Guan, Yan Zhu, JinHui Wang*. Upregulation of Barrel GABAergic Neurons Is Associated with Cross-Modal Plasticity in Olfactory Deficit. PLoS ONE, 2011, 6(9 ): e25219
6. Na Chen, et al. Axons Amplify Somatic Incomplete Spikes into Uniform Amplitudes in Mouse Cortical Pyramidal Neurons. PLoS ONE, 2010, 5(7): e11868
7. Rongjing Ge, Na Chen, Jin-Hui Wang*, Real-time neuronal homeostasis by coordinating VGSC intrinsic properties. Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications. 387 (2009) 585–589.
8. Li Huang, Na Chen, Ming Ge, Yan Zhu, Sudong Guan, Jin-Hui Wang*. Ca2+ and acidosis synergistically lead to the dysfunction of cortical GABAergic neurons during ischemia. Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications 394 (2010) 709–714.
9. Na Chen, Xin Chen and Jin-Hui Wang*. Homeostasis by coordinating plasticity among subcellular compartments improves spike encoding. Journal of Cell Science, 2008, 121(17), 2961-2971.
10. Jin-Hui Wang*, Jian Wei, Xin Chen, Jiandong Yu, Na Chen and Jack Shi. Gain and fidelity of transmission patterns at cortical excitatory unitary synapses improve spike encoding. Journal of Cell Science, 2008, 121, 2951-2960.
11. RongjingGe, Na Chen and Jin-Hui Wang*. Real-time neuronal homeostasis by coordinating VGSC intrinsic properties. Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications.2009 387: 585-589.
12. Shidi Zhao, Na Chen, Zhilai Yang, Sudong Guan, Yan Zhu, Li Huang, Qianfeng Chen and Jin-Hui Wang* (2007). Ischemia deteriorates the spike encoding of cerebellar Purkinje cells by raising intracellular Ca2+. Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications.2008 366: 401-407.
13. Na Chen, Shuli Chen, Yingliang Wu, Jinhui Wang*. The refractory periods and threshold potentials of sequential spikes measured by whole-cell recording. Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communication. 2006 340:151-7. 
14. Na Chen, Yan Zhu, Xin Gao, Sudong Guan and Jinhui Wang*. Sodium channel-mediated intrinsic mechanisms underlying the differences of spike programming among GABAergic neurons. Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communication. 2006 346: 281-287
15. Na Chen, Xin Chen, Jiandong Yu, Jinhui Wang*. Afterhyperpolarization improves spike programming throughlowering threshold potentials and refractory periods mediated by voltage-gated sodium channels. Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communication. 2006 346: 938-945



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