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2015-12-23 14:00 Shizhang Bei Lecture: Synapse formation, muscular dystrophy and brain disorders
2015-12-02 14:30 Shizhang Bei Lecture: Sculpting the secretome with efficiency and fidelity
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Research Explains Molecular Mechanism of Ribosomal Back-movement Du...
Ribosome is the factory of protein translation. During translation, ribosome moves along the mRNA in the direction of 5’ to 3’, which motion is catalyzed by the translation elongation factor G (EF-G). However, the discovery of the highly conserv...  
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Directorship Recruitment of Kavli Institute for Theoretical Sciences (KITS) at UCAS in Beijing
Research assistant positions- Protein Science/Structural Virology
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Interview with Professor Xiyun Yan
What is the research focus of your laboratory? Work in my lab focuses on two areas of tumor immunology: tumor angiogenesis and tumor diagnosis. Targeting tumor angiogenesis is a strategy with considerable potential in cancer therapy as blood v...  
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  Long Noncoding RNA ADINR Functions To Regulate Adipogenesis
  The Mechanism of New Spacer Acquisition in CRISPR-Cas System Discovered by IBP Scientists
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Step into Freezing Times —High Pressure Freezing Workshop held at IBP
Closing ceremony of Tour of China held at IBP
IBP organizes a training for scholars from the Developing Countries

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