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Bureau of Science Communication

Updated: 2020-09-14

The Bureau of Science Communication is mainly responsible for the duties of the Secretariat of the Chinese Society of Biophysics, the editing and management of Journal of Biophysics, Progress in Biochemistry and Biophysics, and Protein & Cell, library and information services, website management services, network management and services, scientific popularization, and the work assigned by the Institute leadership.


It supervises the Secreariat of the Biophysical Society of China, the Journal Editorial Department, the Library and Document Management Office, the Network Management Office, and the Science Office.


Contact us


Tel: 010-64888542

Email: lipuguang@bsc.org.cn


Secretariat of the Biophysical Society of China

Tel: 010-64887226, 64889894

Email: bscoffice@bsc.org.cn


Editorial Board of Progress in Biochemistry and Biophysics

Tel: 010-64888459

E-mail: prog@ibp.ac.cn


Editorial Board of Biophysics Reports

Tel: 010-64888620, 64888458

Email: biophysics-reports@ibp.ac.cn


Editorial Board of Protein & Cell

Tel: 010-64888620

E-mail: protein_cell@ibp.ac.cn / protein_cell@pub.hep.cn


Office of Library, Document and Informatization Management

Tel: 010-64888455 

Email: xianggl@ibp.ac.cn


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Biophysics Reports: http://www.biophysics-reports.org/EN/2364-3439/home.shtml

Protein & Cell: http://www.protein-cell.org/


Contact Us

Tel: 010-64889872

E-Mail: webadmin@ibp.ac.cn

Address: No 15 Datun Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing

Postcode: 100101