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Bureau of Party and Mass Work

Updated: 2021-11-09

The Bureau of Party and Mass Work is responsible for organization of meetings of the CPC Committee and other important meetings, the publicity and united front work of the CPC Committee as well as ideological and political matters and clean governance construction. In addition, it takes on discipline inspection and supervision and auditing, and is responsible for coordination of the trade union congress and sub-trade unions, the activities of the Communist Youth League, the Youth Federation, the Women's Committee, the Sports Association and other mass organizations. It researches the history of the institute and undertakes other Party-building tasks assigned by higher leadership.


It has a Party Committee Office and offices for Discipline Inspection, Supervision and Auditing, Trade Unions, League Committees and the Women's Committee.


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Tel: 010-64889872

E-mail: office@ibp.ac.cn


Contact Us

Tel: 010-64889872

E-Mail: webadmin@ibp.ac.cn

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