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Academician Luo Qingming Delivered a Bei Shizhang Lecture at Institute of Biophysics

Updated: 2021-07-13

On July 8, 2021, Luo Qingming, Member of Chinese Academy of Sciences, was invited by the Institute to give a BEI Shizhang Lecture entitled Brainsmatics. The lecture is presided over by Professor He Sheng.


Prof. Luo Qingming has long been committed to the research of new technologies and methods in biomedical photonics and biological imaging. His team invented a series of Micro-Optical Sectioning Tomography technologies, which became an important means of the "Brain-Wide Positioning System". Moreover, they created a "high-resolution 3D Atlas of the mouse whole brain with submicron voxel resolution" and showed the continuously tracing brain-wide long-distance axonal projections in mice whole brain at the first time. He has also made innovative contributions to optical molecular imaging, laser speckle imaging (LSI), and its combination with optical intrinsic signal imaging (ISI), bimodal small-animal imaging using fluorescence diffusion optical tomography (FDOT) combined with micro-CT, and near-infrared (NIR) optical functional imaging.


Prof. Luo is the distinguished professor of "Chang Jiang Scholars Program", winner of the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, winner of the second prize of National Natural Science Award, and the second prize of National Technological Invention Award, and his scientific research achievements was selected as China's top 10 scientific advances.


Based on his study and work experience in Huazhong University of Science and Technology and the Lab of Britton Chance, Prof. Luo shared his original intention to study and establish the new interdisciplinary of Brainsmatics: develop imaging instruments independently to promote the development of neuroscience. Subsequently, Prof. Luo introduced the limitations of the existing imaging technology, the micro-optical sectioning tomography (MOST) and fluorescent micro-optical sectioning tomography System (FMOST) which was established by his team with 10-year efforts. In recent years, they have successively developed techniques for simultaneous visualization and analysis of cells and capillaries in a whole mouse brain (3D BrainCV), simultaneously obtaining the neural circuit maps and spatial localization of the whole brain, and High-definition fluorescent micro-optical sectioning tomography (HD-FMOST), etc.


His impressive report evoked admiration from the audience and helped them to understand this field better. In the end, the teachers and students had a warm discussion with him.


Prof. Sheng He hosted the lecture


Academician Luo Qingming was giving the lecture


Academician Luo and Prof. Xu and Prof. He


The audience


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