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Nanoenzyme Engineering Laboratory of the Chinese Academy of Sciences founded

Updated: 2020-01-02

From Dec 25 to 26, the Nanoenzyme Engineering Laboratory of the Chinese Academy of Sciences ("Nanoenzyme Engineering Laboratory" or the "Laboratory") held its first Board meeting at the CAS Institute of Biophysics.

With preparation initiated in the first half of 2019, the Nanoenzyme Engineering Laboratory is among the first group of 11 laboratories approved by the CAS. Capitalizing on engineering technology R&D and sponsors, the Laboratory specializes on research and application of catalytic mechanism of nanoenzyme, with the goal to achieve breakthrough in key engineering production of nanoenzyme and create a key pivot in research outcome transfers.

Chairman of the first Board, Xu Ruiming, presided over the meeting. Yan Qing, head of CAS Bureau of Science & Technology for Development, awarded the appointment letters to Board members and chaired on the opening ceremony.

The meeting reviewed and amended the Laboratory Articles of Association, and nominated CAS academician Yan Xiyun as director and CAS Institute of Biophysics researchers Gao Lizeng and Fan Kelong as deputy directors of the Laboratory.

Yan introduced the lab's annual plan, with focus on main areas of nanoenzyme antibacterial material, ferritin drug carrier, and nanoenzyme detection technology, and expediting effort on a research outcome transfer platform. Following the report, the meeting conducted detailed discussion on refining the annual plan and formulating implementation measures.

Attendees also shared insights on academic topics on nanoenzyme catalysis anti-infection, nanoenzyme in sewage treatment, ferritin nanoenzyme and its biological effect, and nanoenzyme in disease diagnosis, in the wish of utilizing the Laboratory as a platform to promote cooperation, overcome difficulties, and bring a better future of nanoenzyme application.

Over 100 people including members of the first Board, representatives of relevant authorities, sponsors and research partners, as well as laboratory staff attended the meeting.

Opening Ceremony of Nanoenzyme Engineering Laboratory of Chinese Academy of Sciences

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