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The Institute of Biophysics of CAS holds online lecture

Updated: 2020-04-30

The Chinese Academy of Science (CAS)'s Institute of Biophysics (IOB) held the first of its online lecture sessions on April 27, inviting Xue Yuanchao, researcher at the Key Laboratory of Nucleic Acid Biology Institute, to give a lecture on "RIC-seq for global in situ profiling of RNA–RNA spatial interactions". About 200 people listened to the lecture online.

In this lecture, Xue introduced reviewed RNA structures and test methods and pointed out the main defects of these methods. Xue then introduced a new technology named RIC-seq that can capture all direct RNA-RNA paring at one time, keeping the integrity of cells or indirect RNA-RNA short-range interactions mediated by proteins. Based on these spatial interaction data, not only can the high-level structure of RNA be reconstructed, but also the target of non-coding RNA can be identified in a panoramic manner.

Technologies for decoding RNA secondary structures

The uniqueness of RIC-seq technology is that it can accurately identify RNA tertiary structures and spatial interactions. The new technique also reveals a series of RNA in situ spatial action laws and new features.

Xue also introduced the application of the RIC-seq technology in the accurate analysis of the corresponding regulatory enhancer-promoter relationships.

Online lecture

In conclusion, Xue summarized that RIC-seq data can detect both the advanced structure of the RNA and the target for accurately identifying various noncoding RNA. Xue hoped that he can promote the development of research into noncoding RNA structures and relevant functions.

Xue's lecture was notable for its rich content and clear logical thinking. The research work for RIC-seq technology will soon be officially published.


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