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IBP holds meeting to seek remediation of management issues

Updated: 2020-06-24

On June 19, the Institute of Biophysics (IBP) of the Chinese Academy of Science (CAS) held a meeting dedicated to seeking remediation of issues identified by the institute's Party Group Inspection Team.

Participants at the meeting analyzed the issues, identified feasible remediation, and prioritized remediatory actions in order to better steer the institute forward. In preparation for the meeting, senior IBP management comprehensively studied newly-released requirements from the central government as well as inspection-related regulations, and engaged the IBP teams in close communication, seeking their feedback and advice on addressing deficiencies in management.


Secretary of IBP's Party committee Wang Hongyan reported on earlier remediation progress and the lead-up work to the meeting. In response to 35 issues in seven categories, senior management conducted in-depth analysis on issues in their respective areas, from perspectives of knowledge readiness and policy to procedures and execution. Based on that, an overall plan was proposed, including remediation details. Going forward, this will serve to guide the IBP teams in taking remediatory actions while seeking innovation-based development.


At the meeting's closing, Wang proposed that management should further enhance understanding of national strategies and IBP's IT plans, and support the day-to-day work of its IT team and that of other teams. Additionally, the management will prioritize team development in line with the government's overall requirements for a new age, with special attention dedicated to talent cultivation, so as to better endorse development in IT innovation. Last but not least, IBP will take the opportunity to establish a pilot excellence center to comprehensively review quality and efficiency of management and promote development of the institute through systematic reform. 
The scene of the meeting [Photo/ibp.cas.cn]
Wang Hongyan presides over the meeting. [Photo/ibp.cas.cn]

Xu Ruiming addresses the meeting. [Photo/ibp.cas.cn]

Liu Li addresses the meeting. [Photo/ibp.cas.cn]

Yang Xingxian addresses the meeting. [Photo/ibp.cas.cn]

Zhu Bing addresses the meeting. [Photo/ibp.cas.cn]
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