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Professor from the University of California, Berkeley visits IBP

Updated: 2019-09-18

On Sept 9, Professor Srigokul Upadhyayula from the University of California, Berkeley visited the Institute of Biophysics (IBP) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, at the invitation of Xu Tao, dirrector of the National Laboratory of Biomacromolecules.

Upadhyayula gave a lecture entitled "High Spatial and Temporal Resolution Biological Imaging Across Scales".

He introduced the principles of adaptive optics-lattice light-sheet microscopy (AO-LLSM) imaging and expansion-LLSM imaging techniques, as well as the applications of these advanced three-dimensional, fast living cells imaging methods on a variety of biological samples of different scales, such as cell division, embryo development of zebrafish, virus invasion, and the brain structure of fruit flies and mice.

Upadhyayula is a professor at the University of California, Berkeley and director of its Advanced Bioimaging Center. He is committed to the studying basic biological problems by adopting biophysical methods. In 2015, he joined Harvard Medical School/Boston Children's Hospital for postdoctoral training, where he studied biological issues from a molecular perspective using LLSM with ultra-high spatial and temporal resolution.

At the same time, Upadhyayula joined the laboratory of the Janelia Research Center of Nobel Prize-winner Eric Betzig, studying the subcellular dynamics of multicellular tissue in physiology conditions using AO-LLSM, and the fine brain structure of the drosophila (small fruit flies) and mice using Expansion-LLSM. In 2018, he became an assistant professor at Harvard Medical School. In 2019, he joined the University of California, Berkeley and became director of the school's newly established Advanced Bioimaging Center.

Professor Srigokul Upadhyayula is giving the lecture


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