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Prof. FU Qiaomei Visited IBP and gave a Bei Shizhang Lecture

Updated: 2021-07-20

On July 15, 2021, Prof. FU Qiaomei, from the Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleoanthropology, visited IBP, CAS and gave a BEI Shizhang lecture entitled Ancient DNA reveals a map of the genetic evolution of prehistoric East Asian populations. The lecture was hosted by Prof. LI Guohong.


Prof. FU is committed to developing the ancient DNA capture technology to explore the origin and the genetic evolution of human groups. She has achieved important progresses in the field, including the development of ancient nuclear genomes capture technology, deciphering the world's oldest modern genomes, decoding complicated East Asian modern genetic history, and decrypting the north and the south of China population migration and genetic history. Her scientific research and innovation have greatly promoted the development of anthropology, evolutionary genetics and other related fields. She has published more than 40 papers in the internationally renowned journals, such as Nature, Science, Cell, PNAS, and Science Advances. And her achievements have been selected as the Top 10 Scientific Events of Nature, the Top 10 Advances in Paleontology in China, the Top 10 Archaeological News in China, and the Top 10 Scientific Advances in China. She has been awarded the Top Ten Scientific and Technological Innovators of China, the First HHMI International Young Scholar in the United Sates, the Science Exploration Award, and the Young Female Scientist Award in China.


In this report, Prof. FU started the lecture from the interaction between extinct ancient humans, modern humans, and the evolution of modern people in different phases. She focused on the influence of the last Ice Age on people in Europe and East Asia, the interaction of north and south ancient Chinese, the origin of the Austronesian and the integration between southern China and Southeast Asia. Finally, she explained the origins of the Austronesian and the development of ancient DNA capture technology.


Her report was rich in contents and showed the latest progress in origin and evolution of the ancient human groups. After the report, the researchers and students raised questions of their interests. Prof. FU answered them patiently.


Prof. LI hosted the lecture


Prof. FU was giving the lecture


Prof LI and prof. FU


The audience


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