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Laboratory of Protein and Peptide Pharmaceutical

Updated: 2021-11-08



In 2011, the Institute of Biophysics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, on the cusp of achieving the goal of accelerating the transformation of scientific research results, breaking through the bottleneck of “innovation” and “transformation” in the research and development of biomacromolecules in China, and deploying the strategic development direction of protein and peptide drugs, established the Key Laboratory of Protein and Peptide Drugs with a team featuring core talents.


The research direction of the laboratory is biomacromolecule drugs research, new nano drug preparations and molecular typing diagnostic reagents for diseases. The laboratory has 150 members, including one academician, two distinguished youth, one outstanding youth, 45 deputy researchers, assistant researchers and post-doctors, and 94 doctoral students.


In 2013, the laboratory was assessed by the Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission as “Beijing Engineering and Technology Research Center for Biomacromolecule Drug Transformation”. In 2016, the laboratory was honored with the title of “Excellence” in the “13th Five-Year” training project of the CAS during the “12th Five-Year Plan” period and “Excellence” in the Beijing Engineering Technology Center.


With the support of the venue and funding provided by the institute, the laboratory has gained support from a series of major projects such as the National Science and Technology Major Project “Key New Drug Creation and Manufacturing” Program, the Class A Strategic Pilot Science and Technology Project of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Major Project of National Natural Science Foundation of China. The laboratory has published nearly 180 high-level papers in magazines including Nature Nanotechnology, etc., and was selected as “Top Ten Progress in Chinese Science” four times. It also won first prize at the Beijing Science and Technology Awards three times, and second prize at the 2012 National Natural Science Awards. In 2017, it was elected to China's Five-year Outstanding Achievement Exhibition.


Main research areas


1. Research on biological macromolecule drug screening, preparation and commercial potential


Improve the human antibody screening platform and obtain new lead antibodies against newly-discovered targets. Through rational design and modification to prepare bispecific antibodies or antibody fusion proteins, systematically evaluate the commercial potential of new functional antibodies. Complete all kinds of pre-clinical research such as humanization, pilot production, purification, quality control, and pharmacology and toxicology to ensure that the quality of the new drugs produced can fully meet CDE declaration standards.


2. New nano-pharmaceutical preparation


In view of the main problems of low entrapment rate, poor stability, and short circulation time in existing drug research and development, systematically study new nano-pharmaceutical targeted delivery vehicles, and the impact of their production process and auxiliary materials on the structure and activity of drugs, thus achieving high-efficiency delivery and non-injection delivery of large molecule drugs (antibodies, insulin), various small molecule drugs (radiochemotherapy drugs, antibiotics), and RNA.


3. Diagnostic reagents for molecular typing of diseases


According to current demand for the integration of precision medicine and diagnosis and treatment, research on high-sensitivity, high-specificity individual clinical detection reagents and tumor imaging tracers will be done to provide new diagnostic tools for clinical medicine.


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