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Laboratory of Interdisciplinary Research

Updated: 2021-11-08



The Key Laboratory of Interdisciplinary Science was established at the Institute of Biophysics in November 2011. In 2014, it was recognized as the Beijing Engineering Technology Research Center and officially opened for operation.


The laboratory adheres to the national strategic needs and the frontiers of life sciences, carries out innovative research on technological methods, produces a series of original scientific and technological achievements, and cultivates young innovative teams that have long-term interdisciplinary research capabilities. The main research directions of the laboratory are life science instruments and technological innovation, and biotechnology and applications. In terms of life science instruments and technology innovation, the Beijing Academy of Life Sciences of the Chinese Academy of Sciences established the Innovation Center of Instruments & Technologies for Life Sciences in 2009. The center has made major breakthroughs in super-resolution photoelectric fusion imaging technology. In terms of biotechnology and applications, some of the research results have been successfully used in enterprise production, and some have received financial support from domestic and foreign enterprises. A number of new technological growth points are being nurtured.


Major research areas


1. Innovations in life science instruments and experimental methods and technologies aim to provide world-class advanced instruments and experimental methods and technologies for life science research. These include: independent innovation and development of new general-purpose instruments and equipment required for life science research, new methodological research and technical implementation; conduct integrated innovation, upgrade technology, improve performance, add functions, and fully exploit the potential of large instruments; develop relevant discipline innovative development of special equipment and experimental technology in the field; precision mechanical design and processing, precision optical device design and processing, general electronic circuit design and processing, basic control software compilation and debugging, and other professional technical innovations.


2. Biotechnology and applications. The laboratory has a good work foundation and research team in the efficient preparation of industrial-grade proteins, high-sensitivity rapid detection technology of ATP molecular motor, disease detection method technology and space biotechnology. Some of the research results have been successfully used in enterprise production, and, with the support of foreign and domestic companies / consortia, a number of new technological growth points are being nurtured.


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