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Metaxins are core components of mitochondrial transport adaptor complexes, Nat Commun, 4 Jan 2021

Updated: 2021-01-04

Nature Communications, 4 January, 2021, DOI:https://doi.org/10.1038/s41467-020-20346-2


Metaxins are core components of mitochondrial transport adaptor complexes

Yinsuo Zhao, Eli Song, Wenjuan Wang, Chung-Han Hsieh, Xinnan Wang, Wei Feng, Xiangming Wang & Kang Shen



Trafficking of mitochondria into dendrites and axons plays an important role in the physiology and pathophysiology of neurons. Mitochondrial outer membrane protein Miro and adaptor proteins TRAKs/Milton link mitochondria to molecular motors. Here we show that metaxins MTX-1 and MTX-2 contribute to mitochondrial transport into both dendrites and axons of C. elegans neurons. MTX1/2 bind to MIRO-1 and kinesin light chain KLC-1, forming a complex to mediate kinesin-1-based movement of mitochondria, in which MTX-1/2 are essential and MIRO-1 plays an accessory role. We find that MTX-2, MIRO-1, and TRAK-1 form another distinct adaptor complex to mediate dynein-based transport. Additionally, we show that failure of mitochondrial trafficking in dendrites causes age-dependent dendrite degeneration. We propose that MTX-2 and MIRO-1 form the adaptor core for both motors, while MTX-1 and TRAK-1 specify each complex for kinesin-1 and dynein, respectively. MTX-1 and MTX-2 are also required for mitochondrial transport in human neurons, indicative of their evolutionarily conserved function.


Article link:https://www.nature.com/articles/s41467-020-20346-2



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