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New Publications of IBP (NOV. 2012)

Updated: 2012-12-05

Publication Date Author Title Journal
2012- Nov 22  Liu GH, Qu J, Suzuki K, Nivet E, Li M, Montserrat N, Yi F, Xu X, Ruiz S, Zhang W, Wagner U, Kim A, Ren B, Li Y, Goebl A, Kim J, Soligalla RD, Dubova I, Thompson J, Yates J 3rd, Esteban CR, Sancho-Martinez I, Izpisua Belmonte JC. Progressive degeneration of human neural stem cells caused by pathogenic LRRK2. Nature. 2012 Nov 22;491(7425):603-7. doi: 10.1038/nature11557. Epub 2012 Oct 17.
2012-OCT 10 ZHOU C; HUANG H; KIM SM; LIN HW; MENG XL; HAN KA; CHIANG AS; WANG JW; JIAO RJ; RAO Y; Molecular Genetic Analysis of Sexual Rejection: Roles of Octopamine and Its Receptor OAMB in Drosophila Courtship Conditioning JOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE 2012,32(41):14281-14287
2012-NOV 1 ZHANG JH; CHEN Y; QI JX; GAO F; LIU YJ; LIU J; ZHOU XY; KAUFMAN J; XIA C; GAO GF; Narrow Groove and Restricted Anchors of MHC Class I Molecule BF2*0401 Plus Peptide Transporter Restriction Can Explain Disease Susceptibility of B4 Chickens JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGY 2012,189(9):4478-4487
2012-NOV CAO CC; DONG XY; WU XB; WEN BY; JI G; CHENG LP; LIU HR; Conserved Fiber-Penton Base Interaction Revealed by Nearly Atomic Resolution Cryo-Electron Microscopy of the Structure of Adenovirus Provides Insight into Receptor Interaction JOURNAL OF VIROLOGY 2012,86(22):12322-12329
2012-NOV XUAN YF; LIU L; SHEN S; DENG HY; GAO GX; Zinc Finger Antiviral Protein Inhibits Murine Gammaherpesvirus 68 M2 Expression and Regulates Viral Latency in Cultured Cells JOURNAL OF VIROLOGY 2012,86(22):12431-12434
2012-OCT 26 SUN RH; FAN HT; GAO F; LIN YJ; ZHANG LX; GONG WM; LIU L; Crystal Structure of Arabidopsis Deg2 Protein Reveals an Internal PDZ Ligand Locking the Hexameric Resting State JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY 2012,287(44):37564-37569
2012-OCT WU YY; REN QZ; LI H; GUO AK; The GABAergic anterior paired lateral neurons facilitate olfactory reversal learning in Drosophila LEARNING & MEMORY 2012,19(10):478-486
2012-DEC LIU YC; PAN WY; YANG SM; WU XY; WU JF; MA J; YUAN ZQ; MENG SS; Interleukin-22 protects rat PC12 pheochromocytoma cells from serum deprivation-induced cell death MOLECULAR AND CELLULAR BIOCHEMISTRY 2012,371(1-2):137-146
2012-OCT LENG FW; Build a two-way road for health industry: the current circumstance of translational medicine in China SCIENCE CHINA-LIFE SCIENCES 2012,55(10):931-932
2012-OCT HU YL; Progress in protein structure and function studies in China during 2010-2011 SCIENCE CHINA-LIFE SCIENCES 2012,55(10):927-930
2012-NOV XIE Q; CHEN J; YUAN ZQ; Post-translational regulation of FOXO ACTA BIOCHIMICA ET BIOPHYSICA SINICA 2012,44(11):897-901
2012-OCT MA X; ZHAO YM; SUN W; SHIMABUKURO K; MIAO L; Transformation: how do nematode sperm become activated and crawl? PROTEIN & CELL 2012,3(10):755-761
2012-OCT ZHANG XP; WENG CJ; LI Y; WANG XY; JIANG CS; LI XM; XU YL; CHEN Q; PAN L; TANG H; Human Bop is a novel BH3-only member of the Bcl-2 protein family PROTEIN & CELL 2012,3(10):790-801
2012-MAY LI J; LI J; MIYAHIRA A; SUN J; LIU YF; CHENG GH; LIANG HH; Crystal structure of the ubiquitin-like domain of human TBK1 PROTEIN & CELL 2012,3(5):383-391
2012-FEB ZHANG WQ; DUAN SL; LI Y; XU XL; QU J; ZHANG WZ; LIU GH; Converted neural cells: induced to a cure? PROTEIN & CELL 2012,3(2):91-97
2012-FEB ZHAO GG; BU DC; LIU CN; LI J; YANG J; LIU ZY; ZHAO Y; CHEN RS; CloudLCA: finding the lowest common ancestor in metagenome analysis using cloud computing PROTEIN & CELL 2012,3(2):148-152
2012-SEP CHEN XL; WEI SS; YANG FQ; Mitochondria in the pathogenesis of diabetes: a proteomic view PROTEIN & CELL 2012,3(9):648-660
2012-APR ZHANG WQ; GUAN D; QU J; ZHANG WZ; LIU GH; Non-viral iPSCs: a safe way for therapy? PROTEIN & CELL 2012,3(4):241-245
2012-APR YI F; LIU GH; BELMONTE JCI; Human induced pluripotent stem cells derived hepatocytes: rising promise for disease modeling, drug development and cell therapy PROTEIN & CELL 2012,3(4):246-250
2012-APR WU Q; WANG XQ; Neuronal stem cells in the central nervous system and in human diseases PROTEIN & CELL 2012,3(4):262-270
2012-JUL WANG P; ZHANG WQ; YANG JP; QU J; LIU GH; Higher-order genomic organization in pluripotent stem cells PROTEIN & CELL 2012,3(7):483-486
2012-JUL XUE YH; ZHAO W; DU W; ZHANG X; JI G; YING W; XU T; Ultra-structural study of insulin granules in pancreatic beta-cells of db/db mouse by scanning transmission electron microscopy tomography PROTEIN & CELL 2012,3(7):521-525
2012-JUN SAWYER EB; BARKER PD; Continued surprises in the cytochrome c biogenesis story PROTEIN & CELL 2012,3(6):405-409
2012-JUN LIU Y; ZHU Y; YE S; ZHANG RG; Crystal structure of kindlin-2 PH domain reveals a conformational transition for its membrane anchoring and regulation of integrin activation PROTEIN & CELL 2012,3(6):434-440
2012-JUN XU M; DU XX; LIU MY; LI SR; LI XZ; FU YX; WANG SD; The tumor immunosuppressive microenvironment impairs the therapy of anti-HER2/neu antibody PROTEIN & CELL 2012,3(6):441-449
2012-JUN CHEN SP; QIU JK; CHEN C; LIU CC; LIU YH; AN LL; JIA JY; TANG J; WU LJ; HANG HY; Affinity maturation of anti-TNF-alpha scFv with somatic hypermutation in non-B cells PROTEIN & CELL 2012,3(6):460-469
2012-JUN WU JB; PENG SY; WU R; HAO YM; JI GJ; YUAN ZQ; Generation of Calhm1 knockout mouse and characterization of calhm1 gene expression PROTEIN & CELL 2012,3(6):470-480
2012-AUG SUN QF; HAN CH; LIU L; WANG YZ; DENG HY; BAI L; JIANG T; Crystal structure and functional implication of the RUN domain of human NESCA PROTEIN & CELL 2012,3(8):609-617
2012-AUG WEN D; XUE YH; LIANG K; YUAN TY; LU JZ; ZHAO W; XU T; CHEN LY; Bulk-like endocytosis plays an important role in the recycling of insulin granules in pancreatic beta cells PROTEIN & CELL 2012,3(8):618-626
2012-AUG XU YJ; QIANG M; ZHANG JL; LIU Y; HE RQ; Reactive carbonyl compounds (RCCs) cause aggregation and dysfunction of fibrinogen PROTEIN & CELL 2012,3(8):627-640
2012-JAN ZHANG WQ; DING ZC; LIU GH; Evolution of iPSC disease models PROTEIN & CELL 2012,3(1):1-4
2012-JAN WANG X; XUE JY; SUN Z; QIN Y; GONG WM; Study on the chaperone properties of conserved GTPases PROTEIN & CELL 2012,3(1):44-50
2012-JAN WANG QH; MOU XN; CAO HH; MENG QZ; MA YN; HAN PC; JIANG JJ; ZHANG H; MA Y; A novel xeno-free and feeder-cell-free system for human pluripotent stem cell culture PROTEIN & CELL 2012,3(1):51-59

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