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New Publications of IBP (JAN. 2013)

Updated: 2013-01-27

Publication Date Author Title Journal
2012-DEC 7 TRUMAN AW; KRISTJANSDOTTIR K; WOLFGEHER D; HASIN N; POLIER S; ZHANG H; PERRETT S; PRODROMOU C; JONES GW; KRON SJ; CDK-Dependent Hsp70 Phosphorylation Controls G1 Cyclin Abundance and Cell-Cycle Progression CELL 2012,151(6):1308-1318
2012-DEC LIU CP; XIONG CY; WANG MZ; YU ZL; YANG N; CHEN P; ZHANG ZG; LI GH; XU RM; Structure of the variant histone H3.3-H4 heterodimer in complex with its chaperone DAXX NATURE STRUCTURAL & MOLECULAR BIOLOGY 2012,19(12):1287-+
2012-NOV 27 FENG XL; WANG LN; YANG SC; QIN DD; WANG JH; LI CL; LV LB; MA YY; HU XT; Maternal separation produces lasting changes in cortisol and behavior in rhesus monkeys (vol 108, pg 14312, 2011) PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA 2012,109(48):19870-19870
2012-DEC ZHANG KJ; YI F; LIU GH; BELMONTE JCI; Huntington's disease: Dancing in a dish CELL RESEARCH 2012,22(12):1627-1630
2012-DEC 15 TYSOME JR; LI XZ; WANG SD; WANG PJ; GAO DL; DU P; CHEN D; GANGESWARAN R; CHARD LS; YUAN M; ALUSI G; LEMOINE NR; WANG YH; A Novel Therapeutic Regimen to Eradicate Established Solid Tumors with an Effective Induction of Tumor-Specific Immunity CLINICAL CANCER RESEARCH 2012,18(24):6679-6689
2012-OCT 1 WANG YQ; ZHANG XL; ZHANG H; LU Y; HUANG HL; DONG XX; CHEN JA; DONG JH; YANG X; HANG HY; JIANG TJ; Coiled-coil networking shapes cell molecular machinery MOLECULAR BIOLOGY OF THE CELL 2012,23(19):3911-3922
2012-DEC 7 ZHAO YG; ZHAO HY; MIAO L; WANG L; SUN F; ZHANG H; The p53-induced Gene Ei24 Is an Essential Component of the Basal Autophagy Pathway JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY 2012,287(50):42053-42063
2012-DEC ZHANG JY; ZHANG XL; ZHANG R; WU C; GUO Y; MAO XH; GUO G; ZHANG Y; WANG DC; LI DF; ZOU QM; Modeling studies with Helicobacter pylori octaprenyl pyrophosphate synthase reveal the enzymatic mechanism of trans-prenyltransferases INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF BIOCHEMISTRY & CELL BIOLOGY 2012,44(12):2116-2123
2012-DEC LI WE; CHEN WW; MA YF; TUO QR; LUO XJ; ZHANG T; SAI WB; LIU J; SHEN JH; LIU ZG; ZHENG YM; WANG YX; JI GJ; LIU QH; Methods to measure and analyze ciliary beat activity: Ca2+ influx-mediated cilia mechanosensitivity PFLUGERS ARCHIV-EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF PHYSIOLOGY 2012,464(6):671-680
2012-DEC 20 JI JJ; CHEN LW; DUAN XZ; SONG XQ; SU WT; ZHANG P; LI L; BAI SY; SUN YC; INAGAKI N; BK Channels Reveal Novel Phosphate Sensitivity in SNr Neurons PLOS ONE 2012,7(12): -
2012-OCT 18 ZHAI K; HUBERT F; NICOLAS V; JI GJ; FISCHMEISTER R; LEBLAIS V; beta-Adrenergic cAMP Signals Are Predominantly Regulated by Phosphodiesterase Type 4 in Cultured Adult Rat Aortic Smooth Muscle Cells PLOS ONE 2012,7(10): -
2012-OCT LI CY; XIONG Q; ZHANG J; GE F; BI LJ; Quantitative proteomic strategies for the identification of microRNA targets EXPERT REVIEW OF PROTEOMICS 2012,9(5):549-559
2013-JAN AN YH; HAN W; CHEN XQ; ZHAO XH; LU D; FENG J; YANG DL; SONG LN; YAN XY; A Novel Anti-sTn Monoclonal Antibody 3P9 Inhibits Human Xenografted Colorectal Carcinomas JOURNAL OF IMMUNOTHERAPY 2013,36(1):20-28
2012-NOV TANG Y; CHEN LY; LIU ZJ; LIU CY; ZHOU YF; Low-level processing deficits underlying poor contrast sensitivity for moving plaids in anisometropic amblyopia VISUAL NEUROSCIENCE 2012,29(6):315-323
2012-DEC DI XJ; YAN JQ; ZHAO Y; CHANG YZ; ZHAO BL; L-theanine inhibits nicotine-induced dependence via regulation of the nicotine acetylcholine receptor-dopamine reward pathway SCIENCE CHINA-LIFE SCIENCES 2012,55(12):1064-1074
2012-DEC SUN YN; GUO Y; LOU ZY; A versatile building block: the structures and functions of negative-sense single-stranded RNA virus nucleocapsid proteins PROTEIN & CELL 2012,3(12):893-902
2012-DEC XU JW; FU S; PENG W; RAO ZH; MCP-1-induced protein-1, an immune regulator PROTEIN & CELL 2012,3(12):903-910
2012-DEC ZHANG X; HUANG B; ZHANG LF; ZHANG YY; ZHAO YY; GUO XF; QIAO XH; CHEN C; SNObase, a database for S-nitrosation modification PROTEIN & CELL 2012,3(12):929-933
2012-DEC LI W; WANG XL; GAO GX; Expression of YB-1 enhances production of murine leukemia virus vectors by stabilizing genomic viral RNA PROTEIN & CELL 2012,3(12):943-949

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