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New Publications of IBP (MAR. 2013)

Updated: 2013-03-22

Publication Date Author Title Journal
2013-FEB 14 XIAO R; ZHANG B; DONG YM; GONG JK; XU T; LIU JF; XU XZS; A Genetic Program Promotes C. elegans Longevity at Cold Temperatures via a Thermosensitive TRP Channel CELL 2013,152(4):806-817
2013-FEB 14 TROPBERGER P; POTT S; KELLER C; KAMIENIARZ-GDULA K; CARON M; RICHTER F; LI GH; MITTLER G; LIU ET; BUHLER M; MARGUERON R; SCHNEIDER R; Regulation of Transcription through Acetylation of H3K122 on the Lateral Surface of the Histone Octamer CELL 2013,152(4):859-872
2012-DEC LIU GH; DING ZC; BELMONTE JCI; iPSC technology to study human aging and aging-related disorders CURRENT OPINION IN CELL BIOLOGY 2012,24(6):765-774
2013-FEB 19 WANG J; ZHU ZQ; MA HW; Label-Free Real-Time Detection of DNA Methylation Based on Quartz Crystal Microbalance Measurement ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY 2013,85(4):2096-2101
2013-MAR XUAN YF; GONG DY; QI J; HAN CH; DENG HY; GAO GX; ZAP Inhibits Murine Gammaherpesvirus 68 ORF64 Expression and Is Antagonized by RTA JOURNAL OF VIROLOGY 2013,87(5):2735-2743
2013-APR 28 WANG ZQ; YAN XY; CD146, a multi-functional molecule beyond adhesion CANCER LETTERS 2013,330(2):150-162
2013-JAN 28 BAI LL; YIN WB; CHEN YH; NIU LL; SUN YR; ZHAO SM; YANG FQ; WANG RRC; WU Q; ZHANG XQ; HU ZM; A New Strategy to Produce a Defensin: Stable Production of Mutated NP-1 in Nitrate Reductase-Deficient Chlorella ellipsoidea PLOS ONE 2013,8(1): -
2012-AUG 28 SLEUMER MC; WEI GF; WANG YF; CHANG H; XU T; CHEN RS; ZHANG MQ; Regulatory elements of Caenorhabditis elegans ribosomal protein genes BMC GENOMICS 2012,13( ): -
2013-FEB 8 HONG JJ; FENG HQ; ZHOU Z; GHIRLANDO R; BAI YW; Identification of Functionally Conserved Regions in the Structure of the Chaperone/CenH3/H4 Complex JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR BIOLOGY 2013,425(3):536-545
2013-FEB LI CF; BA Q; WU AP; ZHANG H; DENG T; JIANG TJ; A peptide derived from the C-terminus of PB1 inhibits influenza virus replication by interfering with viral polymerase assembly FEBS JOURNAL 2013,280(4):1139-1149
2013-MAR 15 ZHAO HH; DI J; LIU WS; LIU HL; LAI H; LU YL; Involvement of GSK3 and PP2A in ginsenoside Rb1's attenuation of aluminum-induced tau hyperphosphorylation BEHAVIOURAL BRAIN RESEARCH 2013,241( ):228-234
2013-JAN XU M; ZHU L; LIU JH; YANG YL; WU JY; WANG C; Characterization of beta-domains in C-terminal fragments of TDP-43 by scanning tunneling microscopy JOURNAL OF STRUCTURAL BIOLOGY 2013,181(1):11-16
2013-FEB 6 XU XY; HU XS; WANG JY; A new synthetic protocol for coumarin amino acid BEILSTEIN JOURNAL OF ORGANIC CHEMISTRY 2013,9( ):254-259
2013-FEB GUAN D; LIU CY; CHEN C; YIN QW; MiR-132 Inhibits Tumor Metastasis PROGRESS IN BIOCHEMISTRY AND BIOPHYSICS 2013,40(2):159-164
2013-FEB ZHANG HN; HUANG WM; FU JJ; XU XP; XU T; Application of Computer Vision in The Automatic Analysis of Feeding Behavior in C. elegans PROGRESS IN BIOCHEMISTRY AND BIOPHYSICS 2013,40(2):188-194
2013- ZHAO M; QIU L; TAO N; ZHANG L; WU X; SHE Q; ZENG F; WANG Y; WEI S; WU X; HLA DRB allele polymorphisms and risk of cervical cancer associated with human papillomavirus infection: a population study in China EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF GYNAECOLOGICAL ONCOLOGY 2013,34(1):54-59
2013-JAN XU LN; HASIN N; SHEN ML; HE JW; XUE YL; ZHOU XH; PERRETT S; SONG YT; JONES GW; Using Steered Molecular Dynamics to Predict and Assess Hsp70 Substrate-Binding Domain Mutants that Alter Prion Propagation PLOS COMPUTATIONAL BIOLOGY 2013,9(1): -
2013-JAN 3 ZHANG GJ; GAO ZL; GUAN SD; ZHU Y; WANG JH; Upregulation of excitatory neurons and downregulation of inhibitory neurons in barrel cortex are associated with loss of whisker inputs MOLECULAR BRAIN 2013,6( ): -

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