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New Publications of IBP (APR. 2013)

Updated: 2013-04-22

Publication Date Author Title Journal
2013-MAR PAN HZ; CAI N; LI M; LIU GH; BELMONTE JCI; Autophagic control of cell 'stemness' EMBO MOLECULAR MEDICINE 2013,5(3):327-331
2013-MAR 18 ZHAO HY; ZHAO YG; WANG XW; XU LJ; MIAO L; FENG D; CHEN Q; KOVACS AL; FAN DS; ZHANG H; Mice deficient in Epg5 exhibit selective neuronal vulnerability to degeneration JOURNAL OF CELL BIOLOGY 2013,200(6):731-741
2013-FEB 19 ZHANG S; ANDREASEN M; NIELSEN JT; LIU L; NIELSEN EH; SONG J; JI G; SUN F; SKRYDSTRUP T; BESENBACHER F; NIELSEN NC; OTZEN DE; DONG MD; Coexistence of ribbon and helical fibrils originating from hIAPP(20-29) revealed by quantitative nanomechanical atomic force microscopy PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA 2013,110(8):2798-2803
2013-FEB 19 HUANG XH; SUN L; JI SX; ZHAO T; ZHANG WR; XU JJ; ZHANG J; WANG YR; WANG XH; FRANZINI-ARMSTRONG C; ZHENG M; CHENG HP; Kissing and nanotunneling mediate intermitochondrial communication in the heart PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA 2013,110(8):2846-2851
2013-FEB MAO KR; CHEN SZ; CHEN MK; MA YL; WANG Y; HUANG B; HE ZY; ZENG Y; HU Y; SUN SH; LI J; WU XD; WANG XR; STROBER W; CHEN C; MENG GX; SUN B; Nitric oxide suppresses NLRP3 inflammasome activation and protects against LPS-induced septic shock CELL RESEARCH 2013,23(2):201-212
2013-MAR 15 WANG CH; XIAO MJ; LIU XM; NI C; LIU JH; ERBEN U; QIN ZH; IFN-gamma-Mediated Downregulation of LXA4 Is Necessary for the Maintenance of Nonresolving Inflammation and Papilloma Persistence CANCER RESEARCH 2013,73(6):1742-1751
2013-MAR 15 MORTENSON ED; PARK S; JIANG ZJ; WANG SD; FU YX; Effective Anti-Neu-Initiated Antitumor Responses Require the Complex Role of CD4(+) T Cells CLINICAL CANCER RESEARCH 2013,19(6):1476-1486
2013-MAR 20 ZHANG ZP; LI XT; GUO J; LI Y; GUO AK; Two Clusters of GABAergic Ellipsoid Body Neurons Modulate Olfactory Labile Memory in Drosophila JOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE 2013,33(12):5175-5181
2013-FEB 1 WEI B; DUI W; LIU D; XING Y; YUAN ZQ; JI GJ; MST1, a key player, in enhancing fast skeletal muscle atrophy BMC BIOLOGY 2013,11( ): -
2013-JAN GUAN D; ZHANG W; ZHANG W; LIU GH; BELMONTE JCI; Switching cell fate, ncRNAs coming to play CELL DEATH & DISEASE 2013,4( ): -
2013-MAR 15 LAVENTIE BJ; POTRICH C; ATMANENE C; SALEH M; JOUBERT O; VIERO G; BACHMEYER C; ANTONINI V; MANCINI I; CIANFERANI-SANGLIER S; KELLER D; COLIN DA; BOURCIER T; ANDERLUH G; VAN DORSSELAER A; DALLA SERRA M; PREVOST G; p-Sulfonato-calix[n]arenes inhibit staphylococcal bicomponent leukotoxins by supramolecular interactions BIOCHEMICAL JOURNAL 2013,450( ):559-571
2013-APR SHI M; ZHANG T; SUN L; LUO Y; LIU DH; XIE ST; SONG XY; WANG GF; CHEN XL; ZHOU BC; ZHANG YZ; Calpain, Atg5 and Bak play important roles in the crosstalk between apoptosis and autophagy induced by influx of extracellular calcium APOPTOSIS 2013,18(4):435-451
2013-MAR YANG GL; CHU W; ZHANG H; SUN XX; CAI TX; DANG LY; WANG QZ; YU HJ; ZHONG YG; CHEN Z; YANG FQ; LI Z; Isolation and identification of mannose-binding proteins and estimation of their abundance in sera from hepatocellular carcinoma patients PROTEOMICS 2013,13(5):878-892
2013-FEB 20 CHENG XB; JIANG HQ; LI WZ; LV HL; GONG ZF; LIU L; Ten-a Affects Fusion of Central Complex Primordia in Drosophila PLOS ONE 2013,8(2): -
2013-MAR 5 QU QH; CHEN J; WANG YZ; GUI WJ; WANG L; FAN ZS; JIANG T; Structural Characterization of the Self-Association of the Death Domain of p75(NTR) PLOS ONE 2013,8(3): -
2013-MAR WANG W; SUN L; DENG YH; TANG J; Synergistic effects of antibodies against high-mobility group box 1 and tumor necrosis factor-alpha antibodies on D-(+)-galactosamine hydrochloride/lipopolysaccharide-induced acute liver failure FEBS JOURNAL 2013,280(6):1409-1419
2013-MAR YU HJ; YANG MZ; ZHANG XE; BI LJ; JIANG T; Crystal structures of MBOgg1 in complex with two abasic DNA ligands JOURNAL OF STRUCTURAL BIOLOGY 2013,181(3):252-263
2013-MAR 27 ZHANG HX; HOU JJ; CUI RN; GUO XJ; SHI ZM; YANG FQ; DAI JY; Phosphoproteome analysis reveals an important role for glycogen synthase kinase-3 in perfluorododecanoic acid-induced rat liver toxicity TOXICOLOGY LETTERS 2013,218(1):61-69
2013-MAR MENG XK; SUN WJ; XU XX; ZHANG ZC; HE JF; Post-response Inhibition on Medial Geniculate Neurons in Sleep PROGRESS IN BIOCHEMISTRY AND BIOPHYSICS 2013,40(3):231-239
2013-MAR WANG LF; HAN ZB; LI M; YANG P; XV B; ZHANG JP; HAN ZC; Recombinant hemangiopoietin promotes cell adhesion and binds heparin in its multimeric form MOLECULAR MEDICINE REPORTS 2013,7(3):959-964
2013-FEB LIU WS; LI M; QU J; YI F; LIU GH; Reevaluation of the safety of induced pluripotent stem cells: a call from somatic mosaicism PROTEIN & CELL 2013,4(2):83-85
2013-FEB ZHU K; CHEN XP; LIU JH; YE HH; ZHU L; WU JY; AMPK interacts with DSCAM and plays an important role in Netrin-1 induced neurite outgrowth PROTEIN & CELL 2013,4(2):155-161

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