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New Publications of IBP (JAN. 2014)

Updated: 2014-02-28

Publication Date Author Title Journal
2013-NOV 7 WANG S; XIA PY; YE BQ; HUANG GL; LIU J; FAN ZS; Transient Activation of Autophagy via Sox2-Mediated Suppression of mTOR Is an Important Early Step in Reprogramming to Pluripotency CELL STEM CELL 2013,13(5):617-625
2014-FEB YAMAMOTO H; QIN Y; ACHENBACH J; LI CM; KIJEK J; SPAHN CMT; NIERHAUS KH; EF-G and EF4: translocation and back-translocation on the bacterial ribosome NATURE REVIEWS MICROBIOLOGY 2014,12(2):89-100
2014-JAN YANG PG; ZHANG H; You are what you eat: multifaceted functions of autophagy during C. elegans development CELL RESEARCH 2014,24(1):80-91
2014-FEB WU S; HUANG PD; LI C; HUANG Y; LI XX; WANG YQ; CHEN C; LV ZJ; TANG AF; SUN XJ; LU JX; LI WP; ZHOU J; GUI YT; ZHOU FJ; WANG DP; CAI Z; Telomerase Reverse Transcriptase Gene Promoter Mutations Help Discern the Origin of Urogenital Tumors: A Genomic and Molecular Study EUROPEAN UROLOGY 2014,65(2):274-277
2013-DEC YE ZD; ZHANG CX; TU T; SUN M; LIU D; LU D; FENG J; YANG DL; LIU F; YAN XY; Wnt5a uses CD146 as a receptor to regulate cell motility and convergent extension NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 2013,4( ): -
2014-JAN LIU WX; SHANG YL; ZENG Y; LIU C; LI YC; ZHAI LH; WANG P; LOU JZ; XU P; YE YH; LI W; Dimeric Ube2g2 simultaneously engages donor and acceptor ubiquitins to form Lys48-linked ubiquitin chains EMBO JOURNAL 2014,33(1):46-61
2014-JAN 14 SHENG G; ZHAO HT; WANG JY; RAO Y; TIAN WW; SWARTS DC; VAN DER OOST J; PATEL DJ; WANG YL; Structure-based cleavage mechanism of Thermus thermophilus Argonaute DNA guide strand-mediated DNA target cleavage PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA 2014,111(2):652-657
2014-JAN YANG JP; CAI N; YI F; LIU GH; QU J; BELMONTE JCI; Gating pluripotency via nuclear pores TRENDS IN MOLECULAR MEDICINE 2014,20(1):1-7
2014-JAN 20 BI TY; CHEN J; ZHOU TG; HE Y; FANG F; Function and Structure of Human Left Fusiform Cortex Are Closely Associated with Perceptual Learning of Faces CURRENT BIOLOGY 2014,24(2):222-227
2014-FEB ZHOU HJ; ZHANG B; ZHENG JJ; YU MF; ZHOU T; ZHAO K; JIA YX; GAO XF; CHEN CY; WEI TT; The inhibition of migration and invasion of cancer cells by graphene via the impairment of mitochondrial respiration BIOMATERIALS 2014,35(5):1597-1607
2014-FEB 1 WANG L; ZHANG LH; NIU YB; SITIA R; WANG CC; Glutathione Peroxidase 7 Utilizes Hydrogen Peroxide Generated by Ero1 alpha to Promote Oxidative Protein Folding ANTIOXIDANTS & REDOX SIGNALING 2014,20(4):545-556
2014-JAN 1 LI M; LIU F; JUUSOLA M; TANG SM; Perceptual Color Map in Macaque Visual Area V4 JOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE 2014,34(1):202-217
2013-SEP GOVERS R; GONZALEZ T; ZAAROUR N; BERENGUER M; LE MARCHAND-BRUSTEL Y; TANTI JF; BOST F; CORCELLE V; ZHANG J; XU T; BRUNEL JM; Insulin receptor-sensitising polyaminosterols as a novel therapeutic approach for the treatment of type 2 diabetes DIABETOLOGIA 2013,56( ):S248-S248
2014-FEB ZHOU JZ; MAO BB; ZHOU Q; DING DQ; WANG M; GUO P; GAO YH; SHAY JW; YUAN ZQ; CONG YS; Endoplasmic reticulum stress activates telomerase AGING CELL 2014,13(1):197-200
2014-JAN SHAW N; LIU ZJ; Role of the HIN Domain in Regulation of Innate Immune Responses MOLECULAR AND CELLULAR BIOLOGY 2014,34(1):2-15
2013-SEP 15 YU JW; ZHANG HN; ZHANG MS; DENG YQ; WANG HY; LU JZ; XU T; XU PY; An aromatic amino acid in the coiled-coil 1 domain plays a crucial role in the auto-inhibitory mechanism of STIM1 BIOCHEMICAL JOURNAL 2013,454( ):401-409
2013-OCT 25 YUAN G; MA B; YUAN W; ZHANG ZQ; CHEN P; DING XJ; FENG L; SHEN XH; CHEN S; LI GH; ZHU B; Histone H2A Ubiquitination Inhibits the Enzymatic Activity of H3 Lysine 36 Methyltransferases JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY 2013,288(43):30832-30842
2013-DEC 30 LIU T; REN XW; XIAO TF; YANG J; XU XY; DONG J; SUN LL; CHEN RS; JIN Q; Identification and characterisation of non-coding small RNAs in the pathogenic filamentous fungus Trichophyton rubrum BMC GENOMICS 2013,14( ): -
2014-JAN 2 YANG ZL; GU EW; LU XF; WANG JH; Essential role of axonal VGSC inactivation in time-dependent deceleration and unreliability of spike propagation at cerebellar Purkinje cells MOLECULAR BRAIN 2014,7( ): -
2013-DEC 11 GUO XQ; SU SK; SKOGERBOE G; DAI SAJ; LI WF; LI ZG; LIU F; NI RF; GUO Y; CHEN SL; ZHANG SW; CHEN RS; Recipe for a Busy Bee: MicroRNAs in Honey Bee Caste Determination PLOS ONE 2013,8(12): -
2014-JAN 31 HU R; DU QM; YIN XY; LI JY; WANG TT; ZHANG LG; Agonist antibody activates death receptor 6 downstream signaling involving TRADD recruitment FEBS LETTERS 2014,588(3):401-407
2014- HAN J; LI JR; JIA WF; YAO LM; LI XQ; JIANG L; TIAN Y; Photothermal therapy of cancer cells using novel hollow gold nanoflowers INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF NANOMEDICINE 2014,9( ):517-526
2014-JAN YANG D; LIU LC; ZHU DM; PENG H; SU LS; FU YX; ZHANG LG; A mouse model for HBV immunotolerance and immunotherapy CELLULAR & MOLECULAR IMMUNOLOGY 2014,11(1):71-78
2013-SEP 17 YAO HW; MI SF; GONG WB; LIN J; XU N; PERRETT S; XIA B; WANG JF; FENG YG; Anti-apoptosis Proteins Mcl-1 and BcI-xL Have Different p53-Binding Profiles BIOCHEMISTRY 2013,52(37):6324-6334
2014-JAN CAO M; WANG JH; DAI ZJ; CAO XY; JIANG LL; FAN FM; SONG XW; XIA MR; SHU N; DONG Q; MILHAM MP; CASTELLANOS FX; ZUO XN; HE Y; Topological organization of the human brain functional connectome across the lifespan DEVELOPMENTAL COGNITIVE NEUROSCIENCE 2014,7( ):76-93
2013-OCT 13 WANG J; XING XQ; FANG XC; ZHOU C; HUANG F; WU ZH; LOU JZ; LIANG W; Cationic amphiphilic drugs self-assemble to the core-shell interface of PEGylated phospholipid micelles and stabilize micellar structure PHILOSOPHICAL TRANSACTIONS OF THE ROYAL SOCIETY A-MATHEMATICAL PHYSICAL AND ENGINEERING SCIENCES 2013,371(2000): -
2013-DEC 26 LU Y; YU HS; NIE XH; LI YQ; ZHANG LG; LU CP; Nonstructural proteins of Torque teno sus virus 2 from O2AUG: Prediction to experimental validation VIRUS RESEARCH 2013,178(2):272-280
2014-JAN DAI J; XU MB; PENG F; JIANG F; CHEN X; WANG Z; FANG CX; Pontibacter soli sp nov., isolated from the soil of a Populus rhizosphere in Xinjiang, China ANTONIE VAN LEEUWENHOEK INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF GENERAL AND MOLECULAR MICROBIOLOGY 2014,105(1):65-72
2013-NOV LI DP; HAGAN MA; KIORPES L; Linking structure and function: Development of lateral spatial interactions in macaque monkeys VISUAL NEUROSCIENCE 2013,30(5-6):263-270
2013- NA HM; ZHANG P; DING YF; YANG L; WANG Y; ZHANG HN; XIE ZS; YANG FQ; CICHELLO S; LIU PS; Proteomic Studies of Isolated Lipid Droplets from Bacteria, C-elegans, and Mammals LIPID DROPLETS 2013,116( ):1-14
2013- RAO JS; MA MX; ZHAO C; XI Y; YANG ZY; LIU ZX; LI XG; Atrophy and Primary Somatosensory Cortical Reorganization after Unilateral Thoracic Spinal Cord Injury: A Longitudinal Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Study BIOMED RESEARCH INTERNATIONAL 2013, ( ): -
2013-SEP 8 WANG JY; Metalloprotein design through the genetic incorporation of unnatural amino acids ABSTRACTS OF PAPERS OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY 2013,246( ): -

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