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New Publications of IBP (AUG. 2014)

Updated: 2014-08-25

Publication Date Author Title Journal
2014-JUN LIU XY; YIN Y; WU JJ; LIU ZF; Structure and mechanism of an intramembrane liponucleotide synthetase central for phospholipid biosynthesis NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 2014,5( ): -
2014-JUL-AUG GUO PX; ZHAO ZY; HAAK J; WANG SY; WU D; MENG B; TAO WT; Common mechanisms of DNA translocation motors in bacteria and viruses using one-way revolution mechanism without rotation BIOTECHNOLOGY ADVANCES 2014,32(4):853-872
2014-AUG 1 ZHANG J; FENG YG; TENG KL; LIN YH; GAO Y; WANG JF; ZHONG J; Type All lantibiotic bovicin HJ50 with a rare disulfide bond: structure, structure-activity relationships and mode of action BIOCHEMICAL JOURNAL 2014,461( ):497-508
2014-AUG 1 HUANG WM; LI ZY; XU YJ; WANG W; ZHOU MG; ZHANG P; LIU PS; XU T; WU ZX; PKG and NHR-49 signalling co-ordinately regulate short-term fasting-induced lysosomal lipid accumulation in C. elegans BIOCHEMICAL JOURNAL 2014,461( ):509-520
2014-JUL 18 WU KY; REN RT; SU WT; WEN B; ZHANG YY; YI F; QIAO XH; YUAN TT; WANG JH; LIU LM; BELMONTE JCI; LIU GH; CHEN C; A Novel Suppressive Effect of Alcohol Dehydrogenase 5 in Neuronal Differentiation JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY 2014,289(29):20193-20199
2014-AUG LIU JQ; GONG ZF; LIU L; gamma-glutamyl transpeptidase 1 specifically suppresses green-light avoidance via GABA(A) receptors in Drosophila JOURNAL OF NEUROCHEMISTRY 2014,130(3):408-418
2014-JUL CHEN P; ZHU P; LI GH; New insights into the helical structure of 30-nm chromatin fibers PROTEIN & CELL 2014,5(7):489-491
2014-JUL ZHANG XJC; LIU JF; JIANG DH; Why is dimerization essential for class-C GPCR function? New insights from mGluR1 crystal structure analysis PROTEIN & CELL 2014,5(7):492-495
2014-JUL BORCHERDING N; KUSNER D; LIU GH; ZHANG WZ; ROR1, an embryonic protein with an emerging role in cancer biology PROTEIN & CELL 2014,5(7):496-502
2014-JUL GAO Q; CHEN XF; DUAN HX; WANG ZQ; FENG J; YANG DL; SONG LN; ZHOU NX; YAN XY; FXYD6: a novel therapeutic target toward hepatocellular carcinoma PROTEIN & CELL 2014,5(7):532-543
2014-JUL YANG F; LI ZK; HAO J; QIN Y; EF4 knockout E-coli cells exhibit lower levels of cellular biosynthesis under acidic stress PROTEIN & CELL 2014,5(7):563-567
2014-JUL 20 XIE T; HOU YJ; LI DF; YUE Y; QIAN SJ; CHAO YP; Structural basis of a mutant Y195I alpha-cyclodextrin glycosyltransferase with switched product specificity from alpha-cyclodextrin to beta-/gamma-cyclodextrin JOURNAL OF BIOTECHNOLOGY 2014,182( ):92-96
2014-JUL NAKANE S; IWAMOTO A; MATSUDA Z; Visualization of HIV-1 Envelope Glycoprotein In Live Cells By Labeling it with GFP in the gp120 Subunit PROTEIN SCIENCE 2014,23( ):221-222
2014- GAO P; TAO N; MA Q; FAN WX; NI C; WANG H; QIN ZH; DH332, a Synthetic beta-Carboline Alkaloid, Inhibits B Cell Lymphoma Growth by Activation of the Caspase Family ASIAN PACIFIC JOURNAL OF CANCER PREVENTION 2014,15(9):3901-3906
2014-JUL MO WC; LIU Y; HE RQ; Hypomagnetic field, an ignorable environmental factor in space? SCIENCE CHINA-LIFE SCIENCES 2014,57(7):726-728
2014-JUL SHEN J; LIU YF; Interaction Regions of N-Myc Interactor (Nmi) and Interferon-induced Protein 35 (IFP35) and Subcellular Localization of Nmi PROGRESS IN BIOCHEMISTRY AND BIOPHYSICS 2014,41(7):659-665

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