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New Publications of IBP (NOV. 2014)

Updated: 2014-12-17

Publication Date Author Title Journal
2014-OCT 9 SHI JJ; ZHAO Y; WANG YP; GAO WQ; DING JJ; LI P; HU LY; SHAO F; Inflammatory caspases are innate immune receptors for intracellular LPS NATURE 2014,514(7521):187-+
2014-OCT 9 PAN L; WANG S; LU TL; WENG CJ; SONG XQ; PARK JK; SUN J; YANG ZH; YU JJ; TANG H; MCKEARIN DM; CHAMOVITZ DA; NI JQ; XIE T; Protein competition switches the function of COP9 from self-renewal to differentiation NATURE 2014,514(7521):233-+
2014-SEP 11 XU H; YANG JL; GAO WQ; LI L; LI P; ZHANG L; GONG YN; PENG XL; XI JZJ; CHEN S; WANG FC; SHAO F; Innate immune sensing of bacterial modifications of Rho GTPases by the Pyrin inflammasome NATURE 2014,513(7517):237-+
2014-SEP 22 XIA PY; WANG S; HUANG GL; ZHU PP; LI M; YE BQ; DU Y; FAN ZS; WASH is required for the differentiation commitment of hematopoietic stem cells in a c-Myc-dependent manner JOURNAL OF EXPERIMENTAL MEDICINE 2014,211(10):2119-2134
2014-OCT 13 PANG XY; FAN J; ZHANG Y; ZHANG K; GAO BQ; MA J; LI J; DENG YC; ZHOU QJ; EGELMAN EH; HSU VW; SUN F; A PH Domain in ACAP1 Possesses Key Features of the BAR Domain in Promoting Membrane Curvature DEVELOPMENTAL CELL 2014,31(1):73-86
2014-OCT 22 FENG H; DING JJ; ZHU DY; LIU XH; XU XY; ZHANG Y; ZANG SS; WANG DC; LIU W; Structural and Mechanistic Insights into NDM-1 Catalyzed Hydrolysis of Cephalosporins JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY 2014,136(42):14694-14697
2014-AUG MA BY; CAO WP; LI WX; GAO C; QI Z; ZHAO Y; DU J; XUE H; PENG JY; WEN J; CHEN H; NING YH; HUANG L; ZHANG H; GAO X; YU L; CHEN YG; Dapper1 promotes autophagy by enhancing the Beclin1-Vps34-Atg14L complex formation CELL RESEARCH 2014,24(8):912-924
2014-AUG XIA PY; WANG S; HUANG GL; DU Y; ZHU PP; LI M; FAN ZS; RNF2 is recruited by WASH to ubiquitinate AMBRA1 leading to downregulation of autophagy CELL RESEARCH 2014,24(8):943-958
2014-OCT 14 LIANG MM; FAN KL; ZHOU M; DUAN DM; ZHENG JY; YANG DL; FENG J; YAN XY; H-ferritin-nanocaged doxorubicin nanoparticles specifically target and kill tumors with a single-dose injection PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA 2014,111(41):14900-14905
2014-OCT 28 CHEN SY; LI L; LI JL; LIU B; ZHU XY; ZHENG L; ZHANG RY; XU T; SEC-10 and RAB-10 coordinate basolateral recycling of clathrin-independent cargo through endosomal tubules in Caenorhabditis elegans PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA 2014,111(43):15432-15437
2014-DEC ZHOU T; ZHANG B; WEI P; DU YP; ZHOU HJ; YU MF; YAN L; ZHANG WD; NIE GJ; CHEN CY; TU YP; WEI TT; Energy metabolism analysis reveals the mechanism of inhibition of breast cancer cell metastasis by PEG-modified graphene oxide nanosheets BIOMATERIALS 2014,35(37):9833-9843
2014-SEP 1 DENG LZ; WU AP; DAI WT; SONG TR; CUI Y; JIANG TJ; Exploring protein domain organization by recognition of secondary structure packing interfaces BIOINFORMATICS 2014,30(17):2440-2446
2014-SEP 23 WU X; ZHANG H; XING Q; CUI J; LI J; LI Y; TAN Y; WANG S; PD-1(+) CD8(+) T cells are exhausted in tumours and functional in draining lymph nodes of colorectal cancer patients BRITISH JOURNAL OF CANCER 2014,111(7):1391-1399
2014-OCT 15 GAO Z; ZHANG HN; LIU J; LAU CW; LIU PS; CHEN ZY; LEE HK; TIPOE GL; HO HM; YAO XQ; HUANG Y; Cyclooxygenase-2-dependent oxidative stress mediates palmitate-induced impairment of endothelium-dependent relaxations in mouse arteries BIOCHEMICAL PHARMACOLOGY 2014,91(4):474-482
2014-OCT YU JB; WEI XL; ZHANG L; FANG XC; YANG T; HUANG F; LIANG W; Poly(ethylene glycol)-Mediated Conformational Alteration of alpha-Chymotrypsin Prevents Inactivation of Insulin by Stabilizing Active Intermediates MOLECULAR PHARMACEUTICS 2014,11(10):3361-3370
2014-SEP 18 FAN X; WANG XS; LI N; CUI HL; HOU BD; GAO B; CLEARY PP; WANG BN; Sortase A Induces Th17-Mediated and Antibody-Independent Immunity to Heterologous Serotypes of Group A Streptococci PLOS ONE 2014,9(9): -
2014-OCT XU DR; WEI GF; LU P; LUO JJ; CHEN XM; SKOGERBO G; CHEN RS; Analysis of the p53/CEP-1 regulated non-coding transcriptome in C-elegans by an NSR-seq strategy PROTEIN & CELL 2014,5(10):770-782
2014-OCT LIANG K; DU W; LU JZ; LI F; YANG L; XUE YH; HILLE B; CHEN LY; Alterations of the Ca2+ signaling pathway in pancreatic beta-cells isolated from db/db mice PROTEIN & CELL 2014,5(10):783-794
2014-OCT ZHANG X; DENG YQ; CHANG H; JI C; ZHANG MS; PENG JX; XU T; XU PY; The specific and rapid labeling of cell surface proteins with recombinant FKBP-fused fluorescent proteins PROTEIN & CELL 2014,5(10):800-803
2014-OCT 14 QI C; ZHANG H; LIU L; YANG RK; KANG TF; HAO WX; JIN G; JIANG TJ; Analysis of interactions between SNARE proteins using imaging ellipsometer coupled with microfluidic array (Vol 4, 5341, 2014) SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 2014,4( ): -
2014-NOV 5 YAO J; HUANG JJ; HAI T; WANG XL; QIN GS; ZHANG HY; WU R; CAO CW; XI JJ; YUAN ZQ; ZHAO JG; Efficient bi-allelic gene knockout and site-specific knock-in mediated by TALENs in pigs SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 2014,4( ): -
2014- LI Y; YANG MX; HUANG Z; CHEN XP; MALONEY MT; ZHU L; LIU JH; YANG YM; DU SD; JIANG XY; WU JY; AxonQuant: A Microfluidic Chamber Culture-Coupled Algorithm That Allows High-Throughput Quantification of Axonal Damage NEUROSIGNALS 2014,22(1):14-29
2014-SEP ZHANG JJ; GUO F; WANG L; ZHAO W; ZHANG D; YANG HY; YU JK; NIU LL; YANG FQ; ZHENG S; WANG JX; Identification of Apolipoprotein C-I as a Potential Wilms' Tumor Marker after Excluding Inflammatory Factors INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR SCIENCES 2014,15(9):16186-16195
2014-OCT 10 MA XL; XU M; JIANG T; Crystal structure of the human CSN6 MPN domain BIOCHEMICAL AND BIOPHYSICAL RESEARCH COMMUNICATIONS 2014,453(1):25-30
2014-JUL 18 FENG YG; SONG XX; LIN JZ; XUAN JS; CUI Q; WANG JF; Structure determination of archaea-specific ribosomal protein L46a reveals a novel protein fold BIOCHEMICAL AND BIOPHYSICAL RESEARCH COMMUNICATIONS 2014,450(1):67-72
2014-DEC SHI Y; SHINJO M; ZHOU JM; KIHARA H; Structural stability of E. coli trigger factor studied by synchrotron small-angle X-ray scattering BIOPHYSICAL CHEMISTRY 2014,195( ):1-7
2014- MIAO L; L'HERNAULT SW; Role of Posttranslational Modifications in C. elegans and Ascaris Spermatogenesis and Sperm Function POSTTRANSLATIONAL PROTEIN MODIFICATIONS IN THE REPRODUCTIVE SYSTEM 2014,759( ):215-239
2014-SEP LI ZY; WANG DB; ZHANG ZP; BI LJ; CUI ZQ; DENG JY; ZHANG XE; The S28H mutation on mNeptune generates a brighter near-infrared monomeric fluorescent protein with improved quantum yield and pH-stability ACTA BIOCHIMICA ET BIOPHYSICA SINICA 2014,46(9):802-809
2014-OCT FAN SH; LI DF; FLEMING J; HONG Y; CHEN T; ZHOU L; BI LJ; WANG DC; ZHANG XN; CHEN GJ; Purification and X-ray crystallographic analysis of 7-keto-8-aminopelargonic acid (KAPA) synthase from Mycobacterium smegmatis ACTA CRYSTALLOGRAPHICA SECTION F-STRUCTURAL BIOLOGY COMMUNICATIONS 2014,70( ):1372-1375
2014-OCT GUO AK; Big Brain Science in The Age of Big Data: Drawing Mental Blueprint PROGRESS IN BIOCHEMISTRY AND BIOPHYSICS 2014,41(10):1034-1040
2014-OCT YANG N; XU RM; Structural Basis for Methyl DNA Readout by MBD and SRA Domains PROGRESS IN BIOCHEMISTRY AND BIOPHYSICS 2014,41(10):1063-1074
2014-OCT 13 YAO Q; LU QH; WAN XB; SONG F; XU Y; HU M; ZAMYATINA A; LIU XY; HUANG N; ZHU P; SHAO F; A structural mechanism for bacterial autotransporter glycosylation by a dodecameric heptosyltransferase family ELIFE 2014,3( ): -
2014-OCT WANG GY; Foundation of Biophysics and Establishment of Interdisciplinary Subjects in China PROGRESS IN BIOCHEMISTRY AND BIOPHYSICS 2014,41(10):936-943
2014-OCT YANG FY; The Rise and Development of Membrane Biology in Institute of Biophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences PROGRESS IN BIOCHEMISTRY AND BIOPHYSICS 2014,41(10):972-982
2014-OCT LU HM; HE RQ; GUO AK; From Bionics to Neuroscience PROGRESS IN BIOCHEMISTRY AND BIOPHYSICS 2014,41(10):983-989
2014-OCT CHEN XM; ZHANG DD; LUO JJ; CHEN RS; Research Progress on Long Noncoding RNAs PROGRESS IN BIOCHEMISTRY AND BIOPHYSICS 2014,41(10):997-1009

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